Illadelph Glass is a staple product at nearly every smoke shop in the USA.

Where Are Illadelph Bongs Made?

Founded in Philadelphia, PA around 2002, Illadelph Glass proudly offers a completely U.S.-made product line built from the ground up with the highest quality of borosilicate glass.

They are known for their unique mix of scientific glass-blowing and artistic imagination.

Some of the technology that Illadelph Glass has brought into the pipe industry includes Coil Condensers, Disc Perc Technology, Up Stem Ash Catchers, Multi-Hole Bowl Designs, and Pyramid Percs, as well as the use of Heat Wands in conjunction with Hot-Hit Bowl Designs.

How Can You Tell If An Illadelph Is Real or Fake?

There are several ways to identify whether an Illadelph Bong you are about to buy is fake or not.

  1. The packaging is an easy way to identify a real vs fake Illadelph Bong. All authentic Illadelph bongs come in a nice box that has the logo and “Illadelph” printed all over it. Check for misspellings as well.
  2. When you open the box, there should be a foam insert that keeps the bong in place. If you are buying an Illadelph and they don’t have a box or the foam insert, don’t buy it, it may be fake.
  3. Take a look at the decals on the bong itself. These decals should have no imperfections. Knock-offs always have crooked or poorly applied decals. Illadelp takes great pride in their decals, so make sure it looks “high-quality” or don’t buy it.
  4. All authentic Illadelp bongs have a tamperproof hologram sticker on them. These stickers are very hard to reproduce and if you don’t see any hologram sticker on an Illadelp glass bong you wanted to buy, don’t buy it because it is most likely fake.
  5. Illadelph has recently instituted QR Codes on all of their products to try and combat knock-offs from China. If you’re buying an Illadelph Glass Bong you should be able to scan the QR Code with your phone and it will take you to their website and tell you the original store the product was assigned to. If the store the product was assigned to is different than the one you are trying to purchase from, there is a good chance this is a fake Illadelph bong.

The biggest issue with buying a fake Illadelph glass bong is that you are being charged a premium price for a low-quality product.

Illadelph Glass Signature Series Waterpipes

You can spot the Illadelph Signature Series Bongs as soon as you step foot in the smoke shop. Standing proudly with the signature bands wrapped around the top and bottom of the neck.

illadelph signature series

The Signature Series comes in 3 sizes Short (17″), Medium (19″), and Tall (21″) with the iconic Illadelph logo stretched from the top of the neck to the bottom.

The color accents on the ground joint and base of the bong are also unique features that only come on the Signature Series.

More Illadelph Glass Series For Sale

Beyond the SIgnature Series, Illadelph has several other well-known series such as:

  • 5mm Production Series
  • 7mm Production Series
  • 9mm Production Series
  • Signature Heavy Hit Series
  • All Over Print Series
  • Black Scope Series
  • Platinum Scope Series
  • Mini-Delphs
  • Signature Hand Pipes

Custom Illadelph Scientific Glass Bongs

The custom waterpipes that they create are simply amazing. Taking the classic silhouette while adding unique color and artistic combinations they are a sight to be seen!

The customs are highly sought after and only produced a few times a year in small quantities.

You can check out the entire 2021 Custom Collection on their official website.

illadelph glass brand hotbox magazine

custom illadelph glass hotbox magazine

Is Illadelph Worth The Money?

In my opinion, I believe Illadelph bongs are worth the money. I’ve owned multiple pieces and every single one not only works great with perfect airflow but they also get many compliments from friends who use them.

When you hold an authentic Illadelph bong in your hand, you can feel that the product has great craftsmanship and that the glass is high quality and thick.

I love their designs and I am a big fan of their rasta-colored bongs.

Where to Buy Illadelph Scientific Glass

You can easily find a local head shop that carries Illadelph Glass using their on-site location finder.

Find Head Shops Near You That Carry Illadelph Glass

You can also find their glass online at these reputable head shops:

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How to Clean Illadelph Scientific Glass

When cleaning a piece of art like a glass bong from Illadelph it is important you clean it with the best bong cleaner. You wouldn’t clean a sportscar with dishwashing soap, would you?

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