It might be safe to say that most cannabis smokers start out by purchasing cannabis in a plastic sandwich bag and continuing to store it there until it’s gone.

Unfortunately, that is not how to store cannabis if you want to get the most out of your smoke.

how to store cannabis cannador hotbox magazine

Many will ask “but why? My bud is fine, it smokes perfectly fine.”

While that may be true, it is more than likely what you are missing out on is an even better smoking experience.

When smoking bud that is grown properly (without chemicals) and is cured & stored to perfection you can tell the difference immediately.

Don’t just take our word for it though.

We sought out one of the industry’s experts on how to store cannabis to write up this ultimate guide.

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The team over at Cannador, who is known to have some of the best storage products in the industry will give you the facts about why it is important to store your cannabis properly and some of the science behind it.

how to store cannabis cannador hotbox magazine

Common Myths About Storing Cannabis

A lot of us have received bad advice in the past on how to store cannabis.

  • You can store cannabis in the fridge – Unless you want mold in your buds we highly recommend against this. Buds will still have some moisture in them and when you couple that with temperature fluctuations it is a recipe for disaster.
  • Plastic bags are ok – This is probably the way most of us have stored our cannabis for a long time. Unfortunately, keeping your buds in a plastic bag is a no-no. Lack of moisture control plus plastic often has a static charge that can cause your trichomes to stick to the bag. That’s the stuff you want to be smoking, not losing!
  • You can use a tobacco humidor – This one actually seems like a great idea, however, most tobacco humidors are made of cedar wood which has some properties that can ruin the flavor of your cannabis. Companies like Cannador use solid mahogany to line the interior of their humidors for this reason.
  • Plastic containers are ok – Plastic containers can also seem like an option but they actually can cause your buds to sweat. This can increase your chances of mold growing on your bud. It also has some of the same issues as a plastic bag.
  • You can store bud in the same box as your paraphernalia – This is a common way to store cannabis by keeping everything in one place. While it can seem logical, storing cannabis with your weed grinders, lighters, and used pipes can cause the stench to be absorbed into your buds. You want your buds to smell dank, not like the months’ old resin in your pipe.

Does proper cannabis storage make a difference?

Yes, it does!! Proper storage is more important than you think.

Choosing the proper storage can make a huge difference in preserving the flavor and potency of cannabis.

Light, temperature, humidity, and air control all play a part in degrading the bud. Loss of THC potency, smell, and even worse, mold.

This is why it is important for you to use an airtight container for storage like the 4 Strain Cannador, which will keep your cannabis at its best quality, therefore providing you with a smooth finish when smoking, a more robust taste, and a well-rounded high.

how to store cannabis cannador hotbox magazine

What is the ideal way to store cannabis?

Storing cannabis might seem like a simple procedure, however, there are four main factors to consider in avoiding unnecessary degradation to your weed.

Here are the four steps to proper storage:

  • Light – Direct light is the biggest degrader of cannabinoids for your flower. Keeping your stash out of direct light will greatly enhance its shelf life and give you a better high.
  • Temperature – An ideal scenario is to store your buds in a cool and dark place, like a kitchen cabinet or closet. When left uncared for the THC in the bud will rapidly degrade into a cannabinoid known as CBN, a compound that is more sedative and less desirable effect.
  • Humidity – Buds should always feel entirely dry before being stored, and you should never see condensation on the inside of jars. Ideally, you want to aim for relative humidity (RH) of 55–62%. The humidity level can be monitored easily with the help of certain products and devices. Cannador’s high-quality cannabis storage containers are a great way to keep track of the humidity levels and store your weed in style. They also come with Boveda Humidipak 62 which helps reduce humidity fluctuations inside storage containers to keep the bud from getting dried out or brittle.
  • Air Control – Another big factor in cannabis storage is the oxygen level. Vacuum-sealing bags, jars, and containers work best to minimize oxygen exposure. It’s important that you choose the right size container that can hold your cannabis without much room to spare and without overstuffing the buds to help prevent humidity from becoming trapped in the container. Too much oxygen can speed the degradation process whereas too little can alter humidity levels, which can cause mold or mildew.

“When weed is properly humidified (not too moist and not too dry; I like 58% to 60% RH for vaping), you will notice a big difference in taste. The whole point of why we’re spending good money on cannabis is because we want to taste the terpenes and experience a well balanced high.” says – Zane Wtizel, Cannador – CEO

Storing Large Amounts of Cannabis vs Small Amounts

Storing large amounts for long periods without rotating the cannabis can risk mold growth.

When storing large volumes, proper airflow cannot reach the bottom or within large colas, so it’s actually smart to break it up into smaller volumes.

how to store cannabis cannador hotbox magazine

Just like with smaller amounts of cannabis, having space in between the buds is better than jamming large buds into a small space.

Best Product for Storing Cannabis

In a previous article, 3 Cannabis Humidors for Cannabis Connoisseurs we covered the three cannabis humidors for the canna-sseur.

The Cannador brand humidors come highly recommended as the elite storage containers to keep your weed fresh and flavored.

how to store marijuana cannador hotbox magazine

It may not be for everybody and some of you will continue to stash your weed in mason jars.

But if you appreciate a quality-designed product and want to proudly display your weed with sophistication then look no further than to Cannador.

Each Cannador storage container includes adjustable ventilated glass jars that can be opened and closed to allow air to enter or to be sealed airtight.

The Cannador also comes with Vaporbeads, Boveda humidity packs, and a locking system in order to keep the contents private.

Cannador does have a variety of cannabis humidor models, holding 2 to 6 one-ounce jars and some even include a drawer or accessory nook.

how to store weed cannador hotbox magazinehow to store weed cannador hotbox magazine

These high-quality cannabis humidors will run you between $159 USD to $308 USD, which in this category of weed storage containers it is fairly priced and if properly taken care of, will last you for a very long time.

Of course, you can also purchase replacement parts from them as well and they even have started a line of travel products for those stoners always on the go.

Visit their website and check out a full range of high-quality cannabis storage containers & accessories.