Especially in the cannabis consumer product industry, there is a fine line between functional and novelty.

At first glance, This product definitely seems like it falls into the novelty spectrum… But as silly as it might look, this device may have a pretty handy function depending on the scenario.

Pac-A-Bowl is a single-product startup based in Palm Springs, CA that makes a weed grinder and rolling tray in one.

According to their site, the company “started from 3 entrepreneurs putting our heads together and creating things that would help people in their daily lives.”

Let’s put the Pac-A-Bowl to the test and see if it actually helps us pack a bowl here at Hotbox.

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Sharp Teeth on the Pac-A-Bowl

Let’s start with the specs— For a plastic grinder, this thing has SHARP teeth!

Probably some of the sharpest teeth on a plastic grinder that I’ve ever encountered.

The magnet is also solid, and the grinding action seems smooth and reliable.

Hole size and teeth spacing are pretty standard to any other similarly sized grinding product.

The product is made of a hard but glossy plastic that allows ground materials to slide down the funnel directly to the rolling tray with ease.

pac a bowl

Moving onto function, the Pac-A-Bowl does a decent job at grinding weed for a plastic grinder.

I would say the consistency of the bud is about medium, making it ideal for bowls, but not all that ideal for more finely ground applications such as for vaporization or adding the dry herb to butter or oils.

This product seems to be perfect if you are someone that grinds large quantities at a time, though, which makes me wish there were options to grind products more finely for those exact situations.

And for smaller quantities, I do wish that the opening at the end of the funnel was slightly narrow to fit into a wider variety of bowls or cones.

The current opening works but is just a tad too wide for me to funnel the bud straight into my bowl without taking some extra caution so as to not let any fall to the sides.

All grinders are different, and very few grinders are built to work for every situation.

As much as this product can be a useful tool for some, I wouldn’t quite say that the Pac-A-Bowl would be the right choice for everyone, or the right choice for every situation.

Overall, this product would be a great gift or stocking stuffer for that special stoner in your life.

That being said, we at Hotbox know from experience that metal (or titanium) grinders are absolutely essential for any sort of long-term use since plastic grinders can be hard to clean and easily clog with resin.

If you’re grinding grams on grams, the Pac-A-Bowl could come in handy!

Ready to buy one? You can grab a Pac-A-Bowl right here!