There’s something to be said for popularity.

It garners attention, brings followers, and solidifies a place in whatever industry you’re involved in.


To that end, Medtainer is one of the most popular storage container companies in the medical industry.

Publicly traded, Medtainer’s motto of “Store – Grind – Pour” has thrust them into the spotlight of multifunctional containers because they are one of the best cannabis storage and grinder combinations available.

Medtainer Stock: Medtainer, Inc. (OTCMKTS: MDTR)

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What is a Medtainer?

Airtight and water-proof, Medtainer grinders are typically used for cannabis flowers and are perfect for the adventurous smoker on the go.

As the very first patented medical-grade container with a built-in grinder, Medtainer is available in a huge variety of colors, collaborations with large companies, state-specific containers, and even celebrity-endorsed options.

You can even get Medtainers customized with your own brand when you order wholesale.

If you can’t find a Medtainer in color or design that suits your tastes, you have no taste.

pickle rick medtainer

Medtainers are super economic, with a low price point allowing everyone to get their own container.

But, don’t let the price tag fool you.

The grinder is good, even for being so affordable, and made for travel.

Popular Medtainer Designs:

I asked Medtainer CEO Shane Fairbrother what their most popular designs were and he said “One of our most popular designs would probably be either our collaboration with Crooks & Castles or any of our special edition High Times Cannabis Cup Medtainers.”

When I spoke to Shane, I really wanted to capture the essence behind the Medtainer so I asked him, “What was the inspiration for the Medtainer?”

“The inspiration came from not wanting to carry multiple things in our pockets and being able to condense everything into a simple cost-effective item that would also keep customer’s contents fresh and free of contaminants.”

How Do You Use a Medtainer Grinder?

how to use medtainer

Using the Medtainer is really simple.

Step 1: Twist open and remove the lid.

Step 2: Pull up the rim of the inner storage chamber.

Step 3: Drop your bud into the outside chamber where you see grinder teeth sticking up.

Step 4: Push the inside chamber you removed back into the outside chamber so your bud is in between both chambers.

Step 5: With one hand on the outside chamber and the other on the inside, twist back and forth until your bud is ground to your liking.

Step 6: Any unused cannabis should be dropped into the inner chamber for storage and later use.

Is Medtainer Smell Proof?

The Medtainer is marketed as a smell-proof container but that is debatable.

It does a good job of containing the smell of cannabis but I wouldn’t call it 100% smell-proof.

It definitely works better than storing bud in a plastic bag but it’s not going to be as air-tight as a mason jar.

If you have it in your pocket or bag I don’t think anyone walking next to you will smell anything.

How Much Can a Medtainer Hold?

The container itself is deceivingly large.

Dimensions: 1.6 x 1.5 x 3.6 inches

We were able to fit 3.5g of cannabis, a mini clipper, a glass tip, and a pack of 1 ¼” papers inside our Medtainer here at HotBox.

The Medtainer proved to be able to hold everything you could need to enjoy a smoke session while out on an adventure, be it to the beach, a concert, or just that guy’s house who never has anything to smoke with (looking at you, Joe).

If you need more storage space, consider upgrading to the Medtainer XL.

Medtainer XL Dimensions: 1.75 × 2.5 × 4.5 inches

Where is Medtainer made and What is it Made Of?

Made in the United States, Medtainers are made of FDA-approved, medical-grade plastics, and are environmentally safe.

Due to the plastic-y odor when they’re brand new, HotBox recommends washing your Medtainer really well with hot water and soap before you first use it.

Once cleaned and dry, there is no transfer of flavor or taste from the container to whatever your storing.

Does Medtainer Have a Kief Catcher?

No, the Medtainer does not have a kief catcher.

How Do You Clean a Medtainer?

The Medtainer is easy to clean.

  1. Place your Medtainer in the dishwasher during your next cycle.
  2. Use soap and water with warm water in the sink.
  3. If your Medtainer doesn’t have any print on it, drop it in a pot of boiling water for 5 minutes.

How Long Does A Medtainer Last?

Because it is made from medical-grade polypropylene, it is highly durable and should theoretically last forever.

You can see a quote on polypropylene by Plastics Make it Possible.

polypropylene quote from plastics makes it possible

Also, Medtainer addressed rumors of quality issues with a video.

Is Medtainer Worth Buying?

While it isn’t the most premium grinder, at the cheap price point it is hard to not want a Medtainer.

It’s such a useful product and the designs are awesome.

People have even begun collecting them and all of the limited edition designs. It’s become a craze.

I own one and would recommend it to anyone who was on the fence.

Largest Collections of Medtainer Designs: