So, you’ve got a chazzed banger on your hands, huh?

As an avid dabber myself, I’ve been there.

I’ve also tried everything under the sun to keep my quartz clear of those annoying marks and nicks.

It used to feel like a mission, but I’ve finally cracked the code and I’m going to share all the secrets with you in this article.

So, if you’re tired of looking at that chazzed-up banger and ready for a clear, clean setup, you’re in the right place.

Let’s dive in and get that quartz looking as good as new!

What is Chazzing?

Chazzing is when your quartz nail has carbon build-up and collects burnt-on resin.

This makes your dab nail look discolored and also will affect the flavor of future dabs you take with the banger.

When your quartz banger gets discolored from all that chazzing, it’s a sign you’ve been taking dabs at too high a temperature.

And if you try to blast it off with a dab torch, you’re also taking off some of the quartz’s smooth surface, making it even easier for more gunk to build up next time.

comparison table of a chazzed banger vs a not chazzed banger

The Most Common Causes of a Chazzed Banger:

  • Overheating the banger with a dab torch.
  • Not allowing the banger to cool down properly before dabbing.
  • Using a high flame setting consistently.
  • Dabbing at temperatures that are too high.
  • Neglecting regular cleaning of the banger.
  • Applying concentrates directly to a hot spot.
  • Leaving residues in the banger after dabbing.
  • Using harsh chemicals or abrasive tools for cleaning.
  • Lack of a proper cooling period after heating.

How to Clean a Chazzed Banger

There are 3 methods for how to clean a chazzed banger: Deep cleaning with isopropyl, Using premium dab nail cleaners, and The “slow bake” method.

Cleaning a chazzed banger to look brand new is very difficult though it is not impossible to get it close to a “new” look.

At a minimum, you can clean your chazzed banger to the point that it doesn’t negatively affect the taste of your dabs.

Below I give you 3 ways I have learned by trial and error how to clean a chazzed banger:

Method 1: Deep Cleaning With Isopropyl

If you have a lightly chazzed banger or one that is starting to show signs of chazzing, try my isopropyl deep cleaning method.

What you need:

The following steps will help you clean a chazzed banger:

  1. Kick things off by letting your banger soak in isopropyl alcohol. Pop it in a ziplock bag and let it sit overnight. This gives the alcohol plenty of time to work its magic.
  2. Next up, throw some rock salt into the mix, zip the bag tight, and give it a good shake. This combo acts like a mini scrubber for your banger.
  3. After the shake-down, rinse your banger with warm water to wash away any alcohol leftovers.
  4. Got some stubborn chazz? A scraper can be your best friend here. A bit of effort, and you’ll see results.
  5. Rinse one more time with warm water for a clean finish.
  6. Finally, place your banger back on your rig and heat it up with a torch to about 600-800°F. This last step helps zap any lingering marks.

Method 2: Use Premium Dab Nail Cleaners

If your quartz banger has heavy chazzing you will likely need to buy a premium specialty quartz cleaner to restore it.

Each cleaner might have its own set of directions but it usually involves these steps:

  1. Soaking your quartz banger in the premium solution for an extended period.
  2. Use a dab swab or Q-tip to scrub the inside of the quartz banger.
  3. In some cases, you can use a pipe cleaner tool to further scrub the chazzed area.
  4. Letting the quartz banger dry fully either by air drying or using a paper towel
  5. In some cases, you will ned to lightly bake your quartz banger using my “slow bake” method below.

5 Premium Dab Nail Cleaners I Recommend:

Method 3: The “Slow Bake” Method

The “slow bake” method can be used for lightly chazzed bangers or if you’ve already tried deep cleaning it with isopropyl or premium dab nail cleaner.

The steps are as follows:

  • Put your dab torch on the lowest setting
  • Put the torch flame on the chazzed areas for just a few seconds at a time
  • Slowly move around the entire quartz banger trying to keep the banger evenly heated
  • AFter about 30 seconds of this, let the banger cool for 25 seconds
  • Repeat this until the chazzing and residue flakes off

Just be careful not to create “hot spots” on your quartz banger, which is when you see it turn red in one spot.

5 Ways to Avoid a Chazzed Banger

Here are 5 ways I have learned how to avoid chazzing my quartz banger:

1. Take Low-Temperature Dabs

If you want to keep your banger looking sharp and your dabbing sessions smooth we have to talk about taking low-temperature dabs, a surefire way to dodge chazzing.

We all get the thrill of a high-temp dab, but cranking the heat to the max is tough on your dab gear, your extracts, and your lungs.

The goal here is simple: enjoy those flavorful dabs without the damage to your banger or your lungs.

Here’s what to do:

Lean on your quartz banger’s strength – it holds heat better than titanium, meaning you don’t need to blast it for a long time.

  1. Keep the temperature of your dab nail between 500 to 650º F to protect your quartz from chazzing.
  2. You can do this by limiting how long you hit your quartz banger with a dab torch.
  3. Only heat your dab banger for about 30-45 seconds, slowly working your way around the entire banger.
  4. After that, let the banger cool down for about 30-45 seconds before taking your dab.

2. Only Use High-Quality Quartz

An easy solution to avoiding a chazzed banger is to invest in a high-quality quartz banger from a reputable brand or glass blower.

I know, it might be tempting to go for something cheaper, but trust me on this.

High-quality quartz bangers last longer and chazz less than cheaper alternatives for a few key reasons:

  1. Purity of Material: High-quality quartz is purer, meaning it has fewer impurities that can cause weaknesses or inconsistencies in the material. This purity allows it to withstand high temperatures without degrading as quickly.
  2. Heat Resistance: The superior heat resistance of high-quality quartz ensures that it can handle the intense, direct heat from a torch without getting damaged easily. This means less chazzing and a cleaner taste for a longer period.
  3. Thermal Stability: High-quality quartz has excellent thermal stability, which means it expands and contracts less with temperature changes. This reduces the risk of micro-cracks where residues can accumulate and cause chazzing.
  4. Durability: The craftsmanship of high-quality bangers often includes thicker walls and a more robust overall design. This extra durability helps the banger resist physical damage and wear from cleaning.
  5. Even Heat Distribution: High-quality quartz tends to heat more evenly, which not only provides a better dabbing experience but also prevents hot spots that can contribute to chazzing.

Here are 4 high-quality quartz banger brands and glass blowers we recommend:

3. Try Cold Start Dabbing (Reverse Dabs)

Cold start dabbing, also known as reverse dabbing, can help reduce chazzing of your quartz banger.

If you aren’t familiar, cold start dabbing involves placing concentrate in a banger before heating it.

This technique offers better control over the heating process, making it easier to avoid excessive temperatures that can damage the quartz.

By adopting cold start dabbing, you can significantly reduce the chances of chazzing, extend the life of your quartz banger, and enjoy a better-tasting and more efficient dabbing experience.

Check out my full step-by-step guide on how to do a cold start dab.

I also recommend checking out my review of the Stache Rio, which is a special dab rig that is designed specifically for cold-start dabbing.

stache rio cold start dab rig

4. Clean Thoroughly After Each Dab

Chazzing is bound to happen if we forget one simple step—cleaning our banger after every use.

The key to a long-lasting, chazz-free quartz banger is simple: clean it after each use.

AT minimum after each dab you take use Dab Swabs or Q-tips to wipe out any leftover residue.

This habit will keep your dabbing experience top-notch and your quartz looking as good as new.

For a deeper clean, an alcohol bath soak works wonders.

Just dip your Q-tip in isopropyl alcohol and give the banger a gentle scrub.

Be sure that all the isopropyl alcohol has evaporated before taking your next dab.

5. Invest in an E-Nail

If you want to avoid all the guesswork with temperature control and timing your das, invest in an Enail (electric dab nail).

An Enail setup for a quartz banger is an electronic heating system that precisely controls dabbing temperatures for consistent, optimal hits.

Since the temperature can be accurately controlled and maintained, there’s less risk of accidentally overheating your banger, a common cause of chazzing.

You can even keep your Enail on for long dab sessions so you don’t have to reheat and cool your quartz dab nail over and over.

Here are 5 Enail Kits we recommend:

Frequently Asked Questions About Chazzed Bangers

Can I Still Use a Chazzed Banger?

Yes, you can still use a chazzed banger, but it may affect the flavor and efficiency of your dabs.

Can You Restore a Chazzed Banger?

You can partially restore a chazzed banger through thorough cleaning methods, but it might not return to its original state.

Why Does My Banger Turn Black After Dabs?

Your banger turns black after dabs because you are overheating the banger when taking dabs and not cleaning the residue promptly, causing carbon buildup.

Should You Clean Your Banger After Every Hit?

Yes, you should always clean your banger after each hit to prevent residue buildup and maintain its condition.

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