The Stache Rio dab rig kit is the best all-in-one dab rig for the on-the-go stoner.

What sets the all-in-one Rio Dab Rig apart from both traditional dab rig setups and electric dab rigs is the built-in torch design.

This torch design eliminates the need for heating coils, electronic devices, and chargers that are standard with e-rigs.

The Rio Dab Rig Kit is a quality choice for those who consume cannabis via concentrates and appreciate the standard dab rig setup but want portability.

The Rio Dab Rig setup has an accessible price point, even for those on a budget.

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Let’s dive into the details of this unique “rig-in-one” from Stache Products.

What’s Included In The Stache Rio Dab Rig Kit?

The Stache Rio includes multiple components which make up the dab kit.

This can remove the stress from the decision-making process of buying a standard rig, which includes multiple components and must be individually purchased.

Included with the Stache Rio is:

  • Glass Bubbler Base

  • Integrated Torch

  • Dab Tool

  • Core Quartz Banger

  • Glass Carb Cap

  • Carrying Case with EVA foam

The cube design helps to keep this unit ergonomic and portable.

The built-in torch reduces the fuss of dealing with batteries and allows for “cold-start dabs”.

WHat's included in Stache Rio dab rig kit

The Rio is a favorite among fans of cold start dabs as well!

Why pick Stache Rio Instead of a Standard Dab Rig Setup?

The Stache Rio Portable Dab Rig is a fantastic setup and the most portable non e-rig available on the market.

The Rio by Stache Products has a simple design that allows you to travel without the inconvenience of packing a standard dab rig setup.

Stache Rio Dab Rig Setup vs Standard Dab Rig Setup

Each piece is optimized to fit in the zip-up carrying case which might make you the coolest person at the party.

The all-inclusive butane torch is safer than standard torches and is beginner friendly.

The butane torch is positioned to keep the flame at an appropriate level, eliminating the learning curve for those new to dabbing.

The Rio is available in multiple eye-appealing colors such as red, blue, and multiple matte options.

What’s The Difference Between Rio Dab Rig And Electronic Dab Rigs?

The difference between the Rio Dab Rig and an electronic dab rig is that the Stache Rio doesn’t use a battery, it uses a torch filled with butane to heat the dabbing surface.

What makes the Stache Rio unique is that the dab rig and dab torch are connected as a single piece and not two separate items.

How to use the Stache Rio?

The Rio is optimized for ease of use.

The user-friendly setup is ideal for both dab enthusiasts and those new to dabbing.

Cold start dabs are great as they maximize the terpenes present in the concentrate you are using.

A standard dab will be dabbed at a higher temperature and will heat more quickly.

What Are Cold Start Dabs?

Cold start dabbing is the simplest way to take a dab and eliminates the most frustrating aspects of traditional dabbing, timing, and heat.

Traditionally, you need to torch your nail for 30-45 seconds and wait another 30 seconds or so before you drop your dabs in the nail.

With a cold start dab, you do the opposite and torch the dab nail after you drop in your dabs.

Doing Your First Cold Start Dab

Step 1: Make sure the Rio is properly assembled.

Step 2: Load the banger with a dab.

Step 3: Once loaded, turn the gas knob on the torch to heat the quartz banger for several seconds. You’ll know your dab is ready when it starts to bubble or melt and produce vapor.

Pro Tip: If your dabs start turning black or leaving permanent stains, it is too hot. I prefer temperatures between 500 – 540 degrees Fahrenheit for the best vapor quality.

Step 4: Place the carb cap on the quartz banger and inhale slowly.

Pro Tip: place your finger on the top hole of the carb and give it a few twists to adjust airflow and maximize your vapor quality.

Step 5: After dabbing, let the nail cool down before attempting to clean it with q-tips.

Step 6: Once your nail has cooled down (lukewarm), use a cotton swab dipped in rubbing alcohol or alcohol wipes to clean the residue of the nail.

How To Do Standard or Warm Start Dabs

Step 1: Make sure it is properly assembled.

Step 2: Place your concentrate on the dab tool before heating up the rig or right after.

Step 3: Heat the banger for 30 seconds or until optimum temperature is reached.

Pro Tip: Warm start dabs will generally be taken between 550 degrees Fahrenheit and slightly over 600 degrees Fahrenheit.

It is ok if you heated the banger past 600 degrees Fahrenheit, just allow it to cool down to around that temperature or lower. You will often have to wait a few seconds to let the banger cool down.

Use a dab-specific thermometer to ensure appropriate heat or use a heat gun. Just make sure not to touch the hot banger.

Allow the quartz banger to cool below 630 degrees Fahrenheit (ideally around 600 degrees Fahrenheit) and proceed to place the concentrate into the quartz banger until it melts off the dabber.

Place the glass carb cap on the quartz banger, and begin to inhale slowly. Also be sure to place your finger on top of the carb, or hole of the carb cap to restrict airflow to maximize your dab.

You may use a cotton swab dipped in rubbing alcohol to clean the residue of the banger once it has cooled.

How Do You Fill The Torch On Your Rio Dab Rig?

Filling the torch on your RIO dab rig is simple!

Step 1: Slide the torch out of the resin base

Step 2: With the fill valve facing upwards, press the tip of your butane canister into the valve until it’s full.

Step 3: Once full, slide it back into the base of the device.

Accessories For Your Rio Rig In One

The team at Stache Products has developed an impressive lineup of must-have accessories for a Rio makeover.


The most relevant to users of the Rio is the DigiTül, which is an all-in-one dabber and scale.

This is a fantastic resource for looking to preserve the product or use a consistent dosage.

Once you scoop your concentrate, the scale will let you know how much product is on the tool.

stache products Digitul dab accessory

This is great for both patients who are looking for the right dose, and connoisseurs who want to be economical with their product.

The scale works for dabs as small as .05 grams and up.

Stache Quartz Bangers

Many dab enthusiasts have preferences on what style of quartz banger to use.

The team at Stache has provided Rio users with the option of using a standard flat bottom banger, rounded bottom bangers, and raised bottom bangers.

quartz banger options

The flat-bottom banger is what is considered standard.

Many prefer the round bottom bangers as your dabs will not get stuck to the sides which are often cooler than the bottom of the banger.

The Core bottom bangers are awesome as they have a raised surface area to better heat the dab.

These are available in both flat and round bottom options.

V2 Carb Caps

stache products v2 carb cap

The V2 carb caps are directional carb caps that create a different pattern of suction upon inhaling.

Avid dabbers prefer these caps as they are compatible with glass beads which can help maximize the efficiency of the dab being heated.

Tethered Silicone Sleeve

stache rio Tethered Silicone Sleeve

This silicone sleeve is compatible with all Rios and allows you to connect your carb cap to the base of the Rio.

This prevents the carb caps from rolling off tables or getting lost.

Stache Quartz Swabs

These cotton swabs are optimized to clean your Stache quartz bangers post-dab.

These are unique from standard cotton swabs as they have thicker cotton which better absorbs leftover dabs better.

They are like mini mops!

stache products quartz swabs

Replacement Pieces

Various replacement pieces are available to replace integral pieces or for further customization!

This is great as you do not need to repurchase an entire new Rio.

Accessories and Parts Available for the Stache Rio:

  • glass bases

  • core quartz banger

  • carb caps

  • carrying cases

Final Thoughts On The Stache Rio Portable Dab Rig

The Stache Rio is an all-in-one setup that can be appreciated by connoisseurs and newbies alike.

The Rio by Stache is a game changer for those who love to travel and dab without worrying about losing pieces of your setup.

The zip-up carrying case with eva foam keeps your rig in one protected.

The Rio is an excellent value because it has everything you need in one convenient, ready-to-use kit.

The quality is top-notch compared to many knockoffs or budget-friendly pieces available in non-heady smoke shops.

The team at Stache even has a limited warranty for the individual components.

For the torch, it is 1 year, and for the quartz bangers if they are broken at the base it is 1 month. The warranty window begins on the date of purchase.

Where to Buy

The Rio is available via the Stache Products website and numerous headshops online and across the country.


Check availability from the most reliable online head shops now: