Over the past 7 years, I have seen the full evolution of dabbing and have used over 30 of the best electric dab rigs that have come out over that time.

Before electric dab rigs were invented, dabbing was like something out of Breaking Bad.

You needed a butane torch, dab nails, a timer for the perfect dab, a carb cap, and a dab tool.

There are purists who still dab with traditional dab rigs however, many have moved on to high-tech electric dab rigs to save time and effort.

Personally, I still go back to my old-school traditional dab rig every once in a while.

Each year, these portable electric dab rigs get more sophisticated and easy to use.

Some even connect to apps for temperature control when you want to dial in the ideal temperature.

Before I get started and get into detail about the best electric dab rigs, here are some quick links for those who want to skip the reviews:

What Is An Electric Dab Rig?

An electric dab rig is a self-powered vaporizer device that has become the modern way of smoking THC and CBD concentrates.

Instead of blasting your quartz or titanium nail with a butane torch, you simply press a button to reach your desired heat settings.

This new way of dabbing has made smoking concentrated CBD and THC more accessible and far more convenient.

Gone are the days of using a timer to reach the desired temperature.

Now, with this new technology, you can find your exact temperature with just a few clicks of the power button and settings.

This is why they sometimes call E-Rigs a “Smart Rig“.

How Did I Decide On My Best Electric Dab Rigs?

For me, it has come down to ease of use, vapor production, and temperature control.

Ease of Use: Surprisingly, some e-rigs are kind of awkward to use or make you press the temperature controls too hard.

Vapor Production: Not all electric dab rigs have the same design, so naturally, some of them produce vapor more easily than others. The heating element can play a role in this as well.

Temperature control: The more temperatures to choose from, the better. Why? Because different types of wax concentrates vaporize better at different temperatures.

The Best Electric Dab Rigs Of 2023 That I’ve Used

Let’s get into my list of the best electric dab rigs that I’ve used.

All options below not only get my approval but also have had great customer feedback and are available at top retailers like Smoke Cartel, The High Culture Shop, and Dank Stop Online Head Shops.

Mother Pucker Hand-Held Dab Rig

The Mother Pucker electronic portable dab rig is one of the newer devices to join the portable electric dab rig category however it has become my favorite!

It also comes in as the lightest electric dab rig in its class, weighing just under 9oz.

mother pucker dab rig best electric dab rig

The Mother Pucker has four temperature settings and each lights up your glass bubbler a different color.

The temperature settings and colors are as follows:

*note: the user manual lists degrees in celsius but I have the Fahrenheit equivalent below

  1. 437°F (blue light)
  2. 455°F (green light)
  3. 473°F (red light)
  4. 509°F (white light)

I prefer the 455°F (or green) temperature setting over the others as it gives me the best vapor quality and milkiness.

This e-rig really does it for me with the glass attachment it’s an induction heating quartz bucket, which is becoming the standard these days with e-rigs.

I get a perfect pull and the shape of the mouthpiece stops it from splashing water into your mouth.

I can usually use it 3-5 times a day for about a week without having to recharge the battery life.

It also comes with an awesome carrying case that includes a USB to USB-C charger, dab tool, q-tips for cleaning, and 2 atomizers (one for concentrates, one for flowers).

I really like this electric oil rig and it even comes in at the lower end for being a larger, more premium electric rig, just $289.00

However, right now The High Culture Shop, they have a special program where you can pick your price.

Yup, that’s right, you name a fair price for what you’re willing to pay and they just might say yes!

Check out my full product review for the Mother Pucker E-Rig.

Puffco Peak Pro Electronic Dab Rig

I have always loved the electric dab rigs from Puffco, and their latest creation the Puffco Peak Pro is a game-changer.

It takes the e-rig to the next level with wireless charging, a mobile app for exact temperature control, and a smart heating chamber that helps maintain a specific temperature setting at all times.

Puffco Peak Pro best electric dab rig

It is really stunning but the drawback as you might assume is the hefty price tag (starts at $399.00, yikes).

While they say it is for the beginner, it really can take a bite out of your wallet.

Is The Puffco Peak Pro Worth The High Price?

Nonetheless, I believe the high cost of the Puffco Peak Pro is worth it.

The durability is unmatched and the technology is really ahead of its class in so many ways.

My favorite part about the Peak Pro is the Power Deck add-on.

This featured add-on not only keeps your e-rig charged at all times but also activates “Ready Mode” which starts heating your Puffco Peak Pro the second you lift it from the Power Deck.

Truly an amazing piece of dab machinery!

The only problem is, you guessed it, that Power Deck will run you another $119.00, ouch!

Don’t get me wrong, this thing will last a lifetime but it might take you a lifetime to save for it as well.

It has tons of other accessories you can rack up on your credit card but for those out there serious about their concentrates, exact temperature settings, and the most advanced features, this is the best electric dab rig you can buy.

Just be prepared to drop some cash!

Dr. Dabber Boost Evo E-Rig

Dr. Dabber is a staple brand in almost every online head shop in the world.

It was also one of the first companies I ever visited back in 2016 when I was just getting started with HotBox Magazine.

I had the pleasure of meeting Jamie Rosen, the founder, and he allowed me to test out some of his original products.

Roy Jossfolk of HotBox Magazine and Jamie Rosen Founder of Dr. Dabber

Roy Jossfolk, Founder of HotBox Magazine, and Jamie Rosen, Founder of Dr. Dabber in 2015

Since then, the company has skyrocketed into one of the most premium brands in the industry.

And their Boost Evo E-Rig is a testament to that growth and innovativeness.

It is the smaller version of the Dr. Dabber Switch E-Rig which is the less versatile yet more powerful electric dabber.

What makes the Boost Evo E-Rig so special is its proprietary Magnetic Quartz Atomizer, which means there are no threads for the atomizer to screw on and off.

Boost EVO from Dr Dabber magnetic

This makes replacing and cleaning the atomizer extremely easy, maybe the easiest of all the e-rigs listed.

It also has an “airflow release tab” which allows you to use the Boost Evo E-Rig without a carb cap, which can sometimes get annoying and even fall off (and break).

The Boost Evo E-Rig also utilizes “quartz buckets” induction heat technology with induction cups instead of coils, which many is becoming very common in e-rigs today because it heats evenly, and is easier to clean and maintain.

This electric dab rig also has six heat settings which have a temperature range of 500°F to 750°F.

The Boost Evo E-Rig also has color settings for quickly identifying your heat settings.

The Heat Settings and colors are as follows:

  • 500°F (purple light)
  • 550°F (blue light)
  • 600°F (cyan light)
  • 650°F (green light)
  • 700°F (orange light)
  • 750°F (white light)

The Boost Evo E-iRig is also priced just higher than the Mother Pucker, at $299.00.

It is a fantastic option if you want a unique design and technology with your electric oil rigs.

The only feature I wish it had was a self-cleaning mode like its counterpart, the Dr. Dabber Swith which uses a high-energy heat cycle to burn away any remaining residue.

This is actually a feature I wish all e-rigs had.

G Pen Roam Portable E-Rig

Grenco Science, the creator of the G Pen Roam E-Rig and many other vaporizer devices is always at the head of its class when it comes to innovation and quality.

A lot of thought and creativity went into the G Pen Roam E-Rig especially when it comes to “cooling technology“.

G Pen Roam best electric dab rig

The self-containing water filtration tube is the big draw for the G Pen Roam E-Rig.

It allows for perfectly smooth hits, even at high temperatures.

The water filtration tube is housed inside the body of the Roam, so it is not visible at all while the device is being used, keeping it more discreet than the others listed.

It also feels great in hand, though surprisingly it comes in at a weight of 12oz (not including the water).

The Roam also has 12 heat settings between 600°F and 800°F that can be increased and decreased at 25°F increments.

The only thing I do not like about the Roam E-Rig is that the induction heating element is coil based.

G Pen makes up for it with a nifty traveling case, a full LED display, and pass-through charging which allows you to use the device and charge it at the same time.

The Roam E-Rig from G Pen will only cost you about $200.00, which is on the lower end of pricing for this type of quality and technology.

It is definitely worth every penny!

Pocket Pucker Portable Electric Dab Rig

The Pocket Pucker Electric Dab Rig is another awesome electric dabbing device from the team at Pucker.

For me, it has been the best electric dab rig that can fit not just in your hand discreetly but also in your pocket without issue.

Pucker Pocket Portable Dab Rig sitting on a table with some dabs

It also packs a punch similar to a standard dab rig, even for being so small.

I used it for hours with a friend from out of town who manufactures rosin in Denver, CO and he was surprised at how flavorful and thick the Pocket Pucker E-Rig was.

Even though it is small, it still has premium features like three temperature settings, a glass bubbler, a ceramic bucket atomizer, and a 10-second auto preheat.

Typically, these smaller e-rigs will splash up water in your mouth but the Pocket Pucker comes with a splash guard.

The glass bubbler also features a “filling line” to help you figure out how much water to put in (hint: very little).

And for the low price of $110.00, it is one of the best devices I have used for enjoying electric dabs.

It weighs in at a tiny 3.5oz which is great for travel and festivals.

It’s extremely easy to fill, it houses a water pipe and a self-contained dab tool inside the carb cap which is held in place by double O-rings.

Pocket Pucker Portable Dab Rig Carb Cap with Dab Tool

This e-rig is super sturdy for an e-rig of its size and has surprised me every step of the way so far.

The battery thus far has lasted weeks without charge and I have used it just about every day.

I like to use my e-rigs til the battery dies and then recharge it to maintain good battery life.

Overall, this thing rips, and for the price, you honestly can not go wrong.

Check out my full product review on the Pocket Pucker E-Rig.

How To: Pocket Pucker from Prizecor on Vimeo.

Which Is The Best Electric Dab Rig For You?

While all the e-rig options I’ve listed are worth buying, you should consider a few things before deciding.

Ask yourself these questions before choosing an electric dab rig:

Do You Need An Electric Dab Rig That Is Travel Friendly?

If you need an electric dab rig that is travel friendly I would highly recommend the Pocket Pucker.

It can fit in your pocket and is unlikely to spill or get messy.

It is also very discreet and can be held in your hand without much visibility from those around you.

How Much Do You Care About Battery Life?

I personally do not worry too much about long battery life because, in reality, I am only using an electric rig for short periods at a time.

I can typically go a week or longer without a recharge on all of the electric rigs listed and that is when I am dabbing multiple times a day.

Do You Prefer Smaller Hand-Held Dab Rigs Or Larger Electronic Dab Rigs?

I typically prefer the larger electric dab rigs because I am mostly using them at home in a controlled environment.

I also like that the larger electric dab rigs because the vapor production is noticeably thicker and will really pack a punch.

If you want smaller hits, go with a smaller dag rig like the Pocket Pucker or G Pen Roam.

Do You Want An Electric Dab Rig That Also Does Dry Herbs?

While I still prefer to smoke my flower in a bong or joint, if you want to be able to enjoy dry herbs with the same temperature control as dabbing, go with the Mother Pucker.

It has a ceramic insert that allows for really flavorful hits of your favorite THC and CBD flowers.

How Often Will You Use Your Electric Dab Rig?

If you plan on using your electric dab rig daily, go with a larger device like the Mother Pucker, Puffco Peak Pro or Dr. Dabber Boost Evo.

All three are perfectly calibrated and powerful enough to handle multiple sessions a day.

Which Electric Dab Rig Is Easiest To Use?

For me, it has to be Mother Pucker.

The button doesn’t require much effort to press but gives enough feedback so you know you’ve pressed it hard enough.

The temperature settings are the easiest to navigate and while the Puffco Peak Pro has an app, I feel it only makes it more complex to use.

I just want to quickly fire up my electric dab rig and start taking hits, I do not want to have to reach for my phone every time I want to smoke concentrates.

The Verdict On The Best Electric Dab Rig Of 2023?

Well, which out of my best electric dab rigs did you choose?

I’d love to hear your feedback and if you think there is another top-rated dab rig device I should consider adding to my list of the best electric dab rigs.

Shoot me a message on our Instagram page or even write me an email with your personal choice!