You are here because you heard about cold start dabbing and now you’re ready to try it yourself.

Great! Because cold start dabbing is gaining popularity amongst the cannabis community.

There are many benefits to doing a cold start dab, or what is sometimes called “reverse dabbing”.

Cold start dabbing is an easy way to accomplish a “low temp dab” without the complicated timing and temperature measuring you find with traditional dabbing techniques.

Low temp dabs are the healthiest and most flavorful way to take a dab.

I’ll get into all the juicy details below and provide you with a step-by-step guide so you can take cold dabs like a pro!

What is “Cold Start Dabbing” or Reverse Dabbing?

Cold start dabs, often referred to as “reverse dabs” or “cold dabs”, are low-temperature dabs done with a dab rig and quartz banger, in reverse.

Instead of dropping your dab in after you have a hot banger, you pre-load your dab nail with concentrates before you heat it with a torch.

This cold start method is the newest craze in the ever-evolving dabbing category.

how to do a cold start dab

Why Are Cold Start Dabs Better?

Cold start dabs are better than traditional dabs because you can accomplish lower temperatures more easily.

With low temperatures, you receive all of the benefits of your concentrates like:

  • Preserving the terpene profile of your dabs
  • Putting less stress on your lungs
  • Bring out the true flavor of your cannabis extracts
  • Your quartz bangers will last longer

When you get your nail extremely hot it can take a toll on you and your dab tools.

What Tools Will You Need To Do a Cold Start or Reverse Dab?

To perform a cold start or reverse dab, you’ll need:

  • dab rig
  • quartz banger
  • dabber
  • carb cap
  • butane-filled torch
  • q-tips for cleaning

A dab rig is a primary tool for this process, providing the platform for heating and inhaling the concentrate.

The quartz banger or nail is where you place the concentrate; it’s designed to withstand high temperatures and evenly distribute heat.

A dabber is a tool used to apply the concentrate to the banger.

The carb cap is placed over the nail after the concentrate is added, helping to retain heat and direct airflow.

The butane-filled torch is used to heat the nail, and the Q-tips are used to clean the nail after each use to ensure optimal flavor and performance.

Each tool plays a crucial role in the process, contributing to the overall experience and efficiency of cold start dabbing.

What Are The Best Cold Start Bangers?

The best bangers for cold start dabs are typically round bottom bangers, though many people also enjoy seamless or opaque bangers.

round bottom quartz banger for cold start dabs

Example of a Round Bottom Quartz Banger

Opaque Quartz Banger

Example of Opaque Quartz Banger

A banger is an essential tool in the dabbing process, and its design can significantly impact the quality of your dabbing experience.

Round bottom bangers are favored for cold start dabbing due to their design, which allows for even heat distribution and easy cleaning.

Seamless and opaque bangers are also popular choices due to their durability and heat retention properties.

However, it’s important to note that most quartz bangers can be used for cold start dabs, except for terp slurpers and honey buckets.

Ultimately, the best banger for you will depend on your personal preferences and dabbing habits.

How To Do A Cold Start Dab

To do a cold start dab, you first place your concentrate in a clean quartz banger, then heat the banger with a butane torch, and finally inhale the vapor as it forms.

Here’s a more detailed step-by-step guide:

  1. Clean and Prepare the Quartz Banger: Ensure your quartz banger is clean. This allows you to see the evaporation process and prevents the burning of leftover concentrates.
  2. Load Your Concentrate: Place your cannabis concentrate inside the cold banger.
  3. Heat the Banger: Place a carb cap over the nail and ignite your torch to heat the side beneath the nail. Be careful not to place the flame too close or too far from the quartz banger.
  4. Inhale the Vapor: As soon as the concentrate begins to bubble and vaporize, put the torch down and start inhaling.
  5. Clean the Banger: After inhaling, use a dry cotton swab to clean the interior of the banger, removing any leftover concentrate.

Use Q-Tip to clean quartz banger

This method, known as cold start or reverse dabbing, is a popular technique among cannabis enthusiasts due to its ability to enhance the flavor profile of concentrates and provide a smoother experience.

Tips For Your First-Time Cold Start Dabbing

For first-time cold start dabbing, it’s crucial to start with a clean nail, use small amounts of concentrate, use a directional airflow carb cap, ensure you have enough butane for your torch, and clean your nail after every dab hit.

Here’s a more detailed explanation of each tip:

  • Start with a Clean Nail: A clean nail allows you to see when your extracts start to bubble or when vapor appears in the bucket. This could prevent you from overheating the nail and wasting concentrates.
  • Use Small Amounts of Concentrate: When trying out a new technique, it’s advisable to use small amounts of concentrate to prevent waste in case something goes wrong.
  • Use a Directional Airflow Carb Cap: This tool will help you get the best quality hits and make the most out of your concentrates.
  • Ensure You Have Enough Butane for Your Torch: Running out of butane in the middle of the process can disrupt the experience.
  • Clean Your Nail After Every Dab:  Always clean leftover oil after every dab to help maintain the flavor of your concentrates when doing multiple dabs and extends the life of your nail.
  • Use a Timer: Using a timer can help ensure consistent heating and cooling times, which can lead to more predictable and enjoyable dabbing experiences. This is especially useful when using a torch, as it can be difficult to gauge the temperature of your nail visually.

Remember, dabbing is a personal experience, and what works best for you may take some trial and error.

Don’t be discouraged if your first few attempts aren’t perfect.

With practice, you’ll find the method and routine that suits you best.

Use An Insert To Do A Cold Start Dab


How To Dab with a Quartz Insert

To use an insert for a cold start dab, you load your concentrate into the insert, place it into the cold banger, then heat the banger with a torch1.

Here’s a more detailed explanation:

  1. Load Your Concentrate: Load your concentrate into the quartz insert. This is a small dish that fits inside your banger.
  2. Place the Insert: Drop the insert into the bucket of your cold banger.
  3. Heat the Banger: Place your carb cap on the banger and ignite your torch to heat the side beneath the banger. Be careful not to place the flame too close or too far from the quartz banger.
  4. Inhale the Vapor: As soon as the concentrate starts to bubble and vaporize, put the torch down and start inhaling.

Note that you might need to heat the banger for longer than usual because the insert acts as an additional barrier between the flame and your concentrates.

Using an insert for cold start dabbing can offer several benefits, such as more efficient vaporization of your concentrates and easier cleaning.

However, it might require a bit more practice to get the timing and temperature right.

Benefits Of Cold Start Dabbing

The benefits of cold start dabbing include time efficiency, enhanced flavor preservation, smoother hits, less wear and tear on equipment, and less waste of cannabis concentrate.

Here’s a more detailed explanation of each benefit:

  1. Time Efficiency: Cold start dabbing cuts down the time it takes to dab, making it a convenient method when you’re in a rush.
  2. Enhanced Flavor Preservation: Since the concentrate doesn’t get exposed to excessive heat, all the flavors are preserved, providing a more enjoyable experience.
  3. Smoother Hits: The hits when cold start dabbing are a lot smoother, unlike traditional dabbing. This is especially beneficial for those with sensitive lungs.
  4. Less Wear and Tear on Equipment: Cold start dabbing is easier on your equipment. Less heat means less wear and tear, and no chazzing.
  5. Less Waste of Cannabis Concentrate: The cannabis concentrate doesn’t get wasted due to excessive heat. This makes cold start dabbing a more economical method.

Remember, the benefits of cold start dabbing can vary depending on individual preferences and the specific tools and concentrates used.

Are Cold Start Dabs Wasteful?

Cold start dabs can be wasteful if not done correctly, such as not heating the concentrate enough to fully vaporize it, but when done right, they should not be more wasteful than traditional dabs.

Cold start dabbing is a method that aims to maximize the use of your cannabis concentrate.

However, if you don’t heat your concentrate enough to fully vaporize it during the cold start method, it’ll leave behind a lot of sticky residue and it won’t get you as high.

In that sense, it can be wasteful.

But if you’re cold starting and bringing it to the correct temperature, you shouldn’t have a problem.

It’s just like taking a regular dab, and you’ll wipe away a small amount of leftover oil with a cotton swab.

It’s important to note that the potential for waste exists in any dabbing method, not just cold start dabbing.

The key to minimizing waste is to understand the process thoroughly and adjust your technique as needed.

Cons of Cold Start Dabbing

The cons of cold start dabbing include the need to wait for the nail to completely cool between dabs, which can be inconvenient when dabbing with friends or when you want to take multiple dabs yourself.

Here’s a more detailed explanation:

  • Waiting for the Nail to Cool: One of the main drawbacks of cold start dabbing is the need to wait for the nail to completely cool down before you can do another dab. This can be inconvenient if you’re dabbing with friends and each person wants to try this method, as each person will have to wait for the nail to cool down between dabs.
  • Multiple Dabs: Similarly, if you want to take multiple dabs yourself, you’ll be the one waiting. This can disrupt the flow of your session and make the experience less enjoyable.

Despite these cons, many users find that the benefits of cold start dabbing, such as enhanced flavor and smoother hits, outweigh the drawbacks.

As with any method, it’s important to understand the process thoroughly and adjust your technique as needed to get the most out of your dabbing experience.

Can Your Reverse Dab With An E-Nail?

Yes, you can perform a reverse or cold start dab with an e-nail, but it requires careful temperature control and may not provide the same experience as using a traditional torch.

E-nails, or electronic nails, are devices that provide consistent heat for dabbing, eliminating the need for a torch.

To perform a cold start dab with an e-nail, you would place your concentrate in the nail, then turn on the e-nail to your desired temperature.

Once the e-nail reaches the set temperature, the concentrate will begin to vaporize, and you can start inhaling.

However, it’s important to note that e-nails heat up gradually, unlike torches which provide instant heat.

This means that the process of cold start dabbing with an e-nail might take longer compared to using a torch.

Additionally, some users feel that e-nails don’t provide the same level of flavor preservation as torches, which is one of the main benefits of cold start dabbing.

In the end, whether or not to use an e-nail for cold start dabbing comes down to personal preference and the specific equipment you have.

As with any dabbing method, it’s important to understand the process and adjust your technique as needed to get the most out of your experience.

Cold Start Dabbing vs Traditional Dabbing: Which Should You Choose?

In the end, the choice between cold start dabbing and traditional dabbing comes down to personal preference.

You might prefer the enhanced flavor and smoother hits of cold start dabbing, or you might enjoy the intensity of traditional dabbing.

It’s worth trying both methods to see which one you prefer