Quality bongs don’t have to be hundreds of dollars.

You can get the best bongs under $100 and I can prove it.

I have the most comprehensive list of high-quality bongs from the top brands on the planet!

I’ve been buying bongs for 15 years and I promise I put a list together that is full of affordable and stylish water pipes.

Let’s jump into it and find you a dope bong under $100.

The 11 Best Cheap Bongs Under $100

1. Grav Labs Gravitron

grav labs gravitron best bongs under $100

The world’s first all-glass gravity bong is a beast!

And with version 2.0, the Gravitron has a fivefold increase in glass thickness and a tighter seal.

The Gravitron is great for monster hits.

Although it’s known as the ultimate party pipe, the Gravitron is a unique smoking experience and by far the best bang for your buck if you have $100 to spend.

2. Arcatek Glass Beaker Base Water Pipe

Arkatek Green Beaker Bong from The High Culture Shop

Arcatek Glass Water Pipes are a great option when looking for high-quality glass and a great smoking experience.

This straight-tube design features intricate engravings to give it a stylish look.

While it doesn’t have any percolators for filtration, it does have an ice catcher so you can cool down your smoke with some ice cubes.

3. Glass Ball Bubbler with Barrel Perc

Glass Ball Bubbler with Barrel Perc best bongs under $100

For a cheap bong under $100, this glass ball bubbler is badass!

This bubbler is constructed from clear glass and is designed with a slitted barrel percolator.

This percolator adds amazing filtration for cleaning your smoke.

The bowl is attached to a fixed downstem and could easily fit a quartz banger if you wanted.

4. Hemper – Beast Beaker Bong 12″


The 12-inch Hemper Beast is your traditional straight-tube beaker bong that is a great choice as a daily driver. Straight tube designs are very easy to clean which is why I like them as my daily bong

A circ percolator attached to a fixed downstem gives this beaker bong a nice touch. If you like cold bong rips then this is perfect because it has an ice pinch to filter your smoke.

Hemper has really come on the scene in the past few years with their quality glass and there is no doubt this is a great one if you’re on a budget.

5. Glasscity Straight Glass Bong with Triple Honeycomb Disc Perc

Glasscity Straight Glass Bong with Triple Honeycomb Disc Perc

If you want filtration then grab this Straight Glas Bong with Tripple Honeycomb Disc Percolator.

Guaranteed to be the cleanest rips you ever take.

At about 10 inches, this thing is a great value well under $100.

6. SOUL 12″ Honeycomb Beaker Bong

SOUL 12" Honeycomb Beaker Bong

If you want ultimate filtration for less than $100 then look no further. This beaker bong has some outstanding features for the price.

SOUL is a new glass brand that brings to the table a modern design for scientific glass bongs.

This particular piece is made of borosilicate glass and features its signature double-stacked mouthpiece.

The honeycomb percolator is my favorite part and provides one of the smoothest smoking experiences you’ll ever have.

For the money, you can not go wrong with this cheap water pipe.

7. Pucker Spherule Water Pipes


If you want eye candy, the Spherule Water Pipes from Pucker is a sight to be seen.

It only stands 6 inches tall however it packs a punch and is a great option for smoking dry herbs or if you want to take a dab and are on the hunt for cheap dab rigs.

This bong has a unique shape, which is spherical and is made of the highest quality borosilicate glass.

8. Pulsar 7.5″ Elbow Bong

Pulsar 7.5" Elbow Bong

This Pulsar Disc Perc bong is a small but powerful piece that makes a great travel bong.

It features a button-style disc percolator and can be converted easily to a dab rig.

Its slim bent neck and flared mouthpiece do wonders for stopping bong water from hitting your mouth.

You can really take some huge rips with this thing and the filtration keeps you from coughing your a lung.

9. Grav Labs Martini Glass Bubbles Bong


Love martinis?

Then you’ll love this unique Martini Glass piece from Grav Labs.

The broad swiss-hole perc makes this a dream to take rips from.

Grav Labs is known for its engineered designs at low prices and this one takes the cake.

Nothing but 5 stars from me and hundreds of others who have reviewed it online.

10. Chameleon Glass Atmosphere Series Clear Beaker Water Pipe

Chameleon Glass Atmosphere Series Clear Beaker Water Pipe


Experience style and affordability with the Chameleon Glass Atmosphere Series Clear Beaker Water Pipe.

Standing 9″-10″ tall, this compact, USA-made pipe matches larger counterparts in features.

Choose between Classic and Beaker styles, each featuring an ice pinch in the neck for cool, smooth hits.

It comes with a 19mm-14mm low profile diffused downstem and a 14mm clear bowl, making it ready to use.

Opt for this sleek, feature-packed water pipe for an upgraded smoking experience.

11. Ceramic Traveller Water Pipe

Ceramic Traveller Water Pipe

One of my favorites on this list, the Ceramic Traveler from RYOT is not only beautiful with its modern, minimal design but hits great!

Standing 9 inches, this ceramic bong comes in black matte and is a featured best-selling piece on the RYOT website.

It also has a cork soft base so you don’t break it putting it down while also sporting a cork seal lid and joint plug.

Truly a piece of art!

What Bongs Give The Smoothest Hit?

The bongs that give the smoothest hits are the bongs with great filtration and an ice catcher.

Cooling down the smoke can produce smooth hits because the smoke travels through the ice cubes.

Do Smaller Or Bigger Bongs Work Better?

Smaller bongs work better for dabs while larger bongs are best for smoking flowers.

The reason is when smoking concentrates you want to have a smaller passageway for the smoke so you can taste more of the flavor.

With a large bong, the goal is to get a larger hit as opposed to capturing the flavor and aroma of the terpenes.

What is a Good Beginner Bong?

Scientific bongs are great beginner bongs especially if you’re on a budget.

You can get an affordable beaker bong from Grav Labs between $50 and $100.

There are really an endless supply of the best bongs under $100 if you are just starting out.

What Is The Best Size Bong To Get?

The best side bong to get would depend on your lung capacity.

If you take smaller hits, get something under 8 inches.

If you like to take huge hits then get some 8 inches or taller.

Which Bong Shape Is The Best?

The bong shape that is best would be the beaker bong because of its sturdy base.

Which Company Makes Best Bongs Under $100?

The company that makes the best bongs under $100 is Grav Labs because of the brand’s creativity, bong function, and quality.

They are one of the most well-known brands in the industry and have a massive collection of designs.

They are especially known for affordable bongs and are available at all of the best online head shops.

How Much Should I Pay For a Good Bong?

A good bong can range from $50.00 to $150.00 with the higher end featuring thick glass and better style.

With bongs, you really get what you pay for but there a lot of great bongs under $100.

A cheap bong can be good as a daily driver but nothing beats a thick scientific glass bong from a company like Roor.

Final Thoughts on The Best Bongs Under $100

As you can see from my extensive list, there are plenty of attractive options when it comes to the best bongs under $100.

I plan on adding more to the best bongs under $100 list and would love your input.

Give us a shout and let us know your favorite bong under $100.