If you’re considering the Mother Pucker Dab Rig you’re going to want to read about what happened after I used the electric dab rig almost daily for 4 months.

It’s likely you are shopping around and have a tough choice to make and let me tell you, buying an expensive dab rig can be hit or miss.

While I was skeptical at first, as I’ve reviewed over 37 electric dab rigs over the past several years, the Mother Pucker really rose to the occasion and has become my go-to e-rig for enjoying concentrates.

Let me tell you all about my experience and why you should highly consider buying the Mother Pucker Electric Dab Rig.

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Who is Pucker Vapes?

Pucker Vapes is a new kid on the block, specializing in the production of high-quality and innovative vaporizers.

The company was founded with the goal of providing consumers with high-performance and user-friendly vaporizers that are both affordable and accessible.

They actually manufacture 11 other variations of vaporizers in addition to the Mother Pucker, which is their flagship portable dab rig.

I not only have spoken with the founder of Pucker Vapes multiple times (he is a great guy by the way), but I also had multiple secret shoppers order products online and test their customer service out.

I was not at all surprised that they passed with flying colors, considering the experiences I had with the founder and his team.

When it comes to electronic products, it is a must that the company can be relied upon to replace parts, make exchanges and even refund when they screw up.

Mother Pucker Dab Rig Key Features

mother pucker dab rig review group pic

The Mother Pucker Electric Dab Rig is one of Pucker Vapes’ latest products and is designed for use with concentrates.

It features an electric heating system, precise temperature control, and an ergonomic design that makes it easy to use.

With its unique features and stylish design, the Mother Pucker Electric Dab Rig has become my go-to e-rig for the past 4 months since I received it.

Here is a breakdown of the Mother Pucker Dab Rig key features:

  • Includes both a ceramic and titanium heating element
  • 2 removable 18350 batteries
  • Real-time temperature control (automatically identifies the heat mode)
  • 4 temperature presets
  • Vibrates when the desired temperature is reached
  • Padded carry case to hold the unit and all accessories

Manufacturing Quality of the Mother Pucker Dab Rig

The quality of the Mother Pucker Dab Rig is second to none, made of lightweight plastic and a thick glass attachment.

What I appreciate the most is the lightweight of the device, as it is the lightest electric dab rig in its class, weighing just under 9oz.

But it is a tough ‘Mother’, as I have knocked it over a few times on my kitchen counter and nothing has broken.

I have broken my Puffco Peak multiple times knocking it over, to give some context of why this durability is important.

Glass replacements can be expensive, so having some thick, durable glass is a major factor for me.

I have zero complaints about the design and quality of the Mother Pucker Dab Rig.

Battery Life and Charge Time

I can usually use it 3-5 times a day for about a week without having to recharge the battery life.

A session for me is usually about 3-5 rips of the rig and another 2-3 for each friend I might have around.

Not only does the battery charge pretty fast (within an hour or so) you can even use it while it is plugged in, which is a convenience.

Even after 4 months of use, I haven’t seen any drop off in battery life however if you ever run into issues you can easily replace the 2 removable 18350 batteries.

Ease Of Use

What I really love about the Mother Pucker Dab Rig is how easy it is to use.

mother pucker dab rig power on

It’s really simple to use:

  • Tap the power button 5 times to turn it on and off
  • Tap 1 time to cycle thru the different preset temperatures
  • Double tap while on the temperature you prefer and it will start heating

The heat-up time is quick, usually, about 5 seconds or less before I start hitting the dab rig, depending on the temperature you set it at.

Each temperature setting is color coded and lights the glass attachment up as you cycle thru and as the dab rig heats up.

The temperature settings and colors are as follows:

*note the manual lists degrees in celsius but I have the Fahrenheit equivalent below

  • 437°F (blue light)
  • 455°F (green light)
  • 473°F (red light)
  • 509°F (white light)

How To: Mother Pucker from Prizecor on Vimeo.

I prefer the 455°F (or green) temperature setting over the others as it gives me the best vapor quality and milkiness.

And the Mother Pucker Dab Rig hits like a charm!

Some of the best vapor quality that I have experienced for an electric dab rig.

Just be sure to keep the opening between the glass attachment and the base of the dab rig clear of any reclaim from your dabs.

I typically clean it about 1-2 times a month.

With a clear vapor path, this thing is one of the best experiences I’ve had with an electric dab rig, including my Puffco Peak Pro.

mother pucker dab rig blue light setting

Overall Experience With The Mother Pucker Dab Rig

When I received the Mother Pucker, I really didn’t have high expectations for it since it wasn’t developed by a brand I am familiar with.

When you see new companies come into this market you really don’t know what you’re getting.

After 4 months of constant use, I am pleasantly surprised with the product and will continue to use it.

It also comes in at nearly half the cost of competitors like the Puffco Peak Pro (if you include all the Pro add-ons to get the full experience) at just $289.00.

If you want to start using a high-end electric dab rig but don’t want to shell out a ton of money, this is the best electric dab rig you can get as of this writing.

Where Can You Buy The Mother Pucker Dab Rig?

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