Storing your cannabis is a serious business.

Most of us remember growing up and keeping ours in a little plastic sandwich bag.

In the past several years, we have seen many products innovate the storage product space including Cannador and Pharm Jar.

Many of our readers might ask, “Why should we dish out big money for storage products when a sandwich bag costs pennies and can be disposed of easily?”

Mason-Re is a company that not only aims to innovate storage but also has created an option that is both sustainable and affordable!

How are they able to pull this off, you ask?

Spark your nearest joint or bowl and let us tell you all about it!

mason-re re-stash jars

Why Care About the Way You Store Your Cannabis?

Without getting too technical, we should understand why our old-school way of storing cannabis is maybe not the best way even though it seems economical.

First, once cannabis is pulled from the plant and dried, it is essential in a forever curing process.

Curing cannabis is probably (arguably) the most important step in producing high-quality, great-looking buds.

Curing usually consists of keeping your bud in a controlled environment, like a humidor or glass jar which allows for proper drying and long-term freshness.

A plastic bag will not allow for a controlled environment.

Toxic molds can start forming and your buds can dry unevenly causing harsh smoke and a bad taste.

Then you have sunlight.

While cannabis plants need sunlight to grow, the UV rays from the sun can cause the THC ( the main active ingredient in your bud) on the cannabis to degrade and lose potency.

Lastly, there is the safety aspect.

In many medically and recreationally legal states, there are strict laws on how you store your medicine.

You must keep your stash in child-proof containers or you can risk getting in a lot of trouble.

This should be on your mind if you have children, with or without the legal penalty.

mason-re re-stash jars

We mentioned being economical earlier and how plastic bags are cheap.

While this is true in a monetary sense, it takes an expensive toll on our environment and the animals that live in it.

If you buy the right storage products, not only can you help save the environment but in the long run, the amount of use you get out of the product will more than pay for itself.

 How Does Mason-Re Solve This Problem?

Mason-Re didn’t re-invent the wheel, they perfected it with the Re:Stash Jar.

They took one of our favorite products, the mason jar, and covered nearly all the necessities that one would need for storing cannabis properly.

In the past, a mason jar was the storage option of choice but it wasn’t always ideal.

Waking up to a jar on the kitchen table after being exposed to the sun for hours was cringe-worthy.

Mason-Re fixed this issue by creating a mason jar “koozie” made of silicone which not only keeps light out but can keep your jar from breaking if dropped.

The Koozie comes in 7 great colors and you can even customize the cover with your logo, name, or anything you want.

Where they really took it to the next level is with the eco-fiber child-resistant lid.

The lid is made from repurposed farm waste and hemp fibers and works similarly to a prescription bottle cap to keep children from opening.

Oh yeah, they are American Made as well.

mason-re re-stash jars

So we mentioned this was affordable and that all of you would be able to go get one right away.

The Re:Stash Jars from Mason-Re at the most will run you $20.00 for their largest container which is 120z.

The smallest container, the 4oz, is available for just $16.00.

That is a great price for something that not only should last you a lifetime but is safe for the environment and a safe way to keep your medicine out of reach of children.

Have your own jars? You can also buy the Koozie covers for as low as $7.00!

If you’re ready to take the leap into premium storage for your cannabis just head over to the Mason-Re website ( and grab a few.

To make this decision even easier, use our coupon code at checkout and receive 15% off your purchase! No excuses now, haha!