For those of you who are in the market for the perfect storage of your herbs, look no further.

I present to you, Cannador.

The Cannador is a uniquely designed airtight humidification box for short and long-term storage of all your dry herbs, spices, tobacco, and teas.

It does this by controlling humidity at the perfect rate to maintain freshness and taste.

There are two main components that make Cannador the ultimate storage product, and those things include:

The Interior


“The interior is made of solid mahogany versus cedar.

Mahogany better controls humidity and does not produce any residue or odors and oils that cedar imparts.

It is also resistant to swelling and shrinking under changes in relative humidity providing stability for the long term.

Your choice of the exterior is either solid walnut or cherry.”

– Cannador Website

Humidity Bead System

What makes the Humidity Bead System® special is its ability to control the environment by absorbing and releasing humidity as needed, so the RH will never go above or below a specific ratio.

If the environment is too humid, the risk of mold contamination will greatly increase.

What we like most about the Humidity Bead System® is its sustainability.

All you need to do is dip one-quarter of the bead case in water once a month, and your environment will stay at 65% RH. No packs, no waste.

These two things make up the amazing storage product that is Cannador.  

I had a chance to speak to the man behind the genius.

I asked Zane (owner) what it was that made Cannador different from the rest and his answer was “moisture control!”

Moisture plays a big part in storing your herbs, teas, or bud, and Cannador knows this.

This is why they keep the moisture at the most optimal level between 60-65% humidity, giving you the ultimate storage experience.

Although Cannador is great for keeping your bud in its prime, it can also revive your dry bud to exactly how it was at harvest! (Given at least 48 hours)

Cannador currently has two size options that will accommodate different can setups.

The larger option has a storage compartment in addition to the five-can setup, and the smaller option leaves out the extra storage space with a six-can setup.

The small cans can fit an eighth of an ounce of dried herbs, and the large cans can fit a quarter of an ounce of dried herbs.

I spoke to Zane and he said that there will be bigger options coming soon, so stay tuned to hear about the release.

To get your very own and to keep up with Cannador visit them on their Website and Instagram