Using the wrong cannabis storage can ruin your weed!

You might be storing your bud in a plastic bag and not realizing the negative effects it has on the quality of your weed.

Light pollution can bring down the potency by degrading it.

Also, not keeping your cannabis, including CBD gummies, in an air-tight container could cause it to go bad more quickly.

I am a huge advocate for proper cannabis storage and have tested over 45 different containers and stash boxes in the past 7 years.

The 5 Best Storage Containers I have listed in this article are personal favorites that I still use to this day.

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5 Great Weed Storage Containers for Keeping Your Bud Fresh

The weed containers below are not in any particular order however they each offer something unique in terms of a storage solution.

One of them is sure to meet your needs!

Stashlogix Silverton Smell Proof Locking Stash Case

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best weed container stashlogix silverton medium
The Silverton from Stashlogix is by far the best all-around cannabis storage container you can buy.

There is nothing to not like about this product, it is flawless.

You can rearrange the removable velcro dividers to fit the cannabis products you use most often.

In mine, I keep my weed grinder, extra rolling papers, weed humidor, a min-shovel, and a poker.

The weed jars that come inside are top-of-the-line borosilicate glass with built-in humidor hygrometers.

The silver foil lining of the interior makes Stashlogix Silverton totally smell-proof.

On top of that, it comes with a 3-digit lock to keep prying hands out of your stash.

I 100% recommend you get one of the small, medium, or large Stashlogix weed containers.

They go on sale often, check the price here.

Staze Airtight Smell Proof Jar

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The Staze is the best-looking and most portable airtight container you can buy.

staze vacuum seal weed jar has style

And it’s not just all about the looks.

The Staze has a built-in vacuum pump to help preserve the freshness of your weed and a carbon filter to make it smell-proof.

It’s really a genius design and easy to use.

To get an airtight seal, pull up and push down on the cap until the air removal indicator makes a clicking noise.

staze weed jar with smell-proof technology

That’s how you know all the air is removed.

It’s also discreet for those who like to bring their stash on the go.

No one will be able to tell!

Check out my full review of the Staze Airtight Smell Proof Jar.

Kooki Jar Glass Jars with Magnifying Lid

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The Kooki Jar is basically the new school Mason jar.

This glass storage container features an airtight twist on top to keep it smell-proof and a special 5x magnifying glass built into the top.

Kooki Jar best cannabis storage container

This top is great for observing all the beautiful characteristics of your weed.

Just throw a humidity pack inside and your weed will be ready for long-term storage.

The Kooki Jar comes in two sizes, 8 fl oz which stores up to a half ounce, and 16 fl oz which holds a full ounce.

They also come in both clear and black glass.

Of course, I would recommend the black Kooki Jar because it will block the light.

Cannascape Stash Jars with Airscape Technology

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The Cannascape Stash Jars are a great alternative to Mason jars.

They are stylish enough to decorate your home with (I have one in my kitchen that I keep either weed or mushrooms in) but also have utility.

The Cannascape is designed to maximize and maintain the freshness of your flowers.

Their patented stash jar removes excess oxygen to create an ideal environment that protects your flowers from the elements that degrade cannabinoids and terpenes, aka potency, flavors, smell, and the unique qualities of each individual strain.

cannascape best cannabis storage containers

Featured on the jar is a writable strain information table to keep track of strain name, harvest date, terpene flavors, percentages, and content breakdowns so you don’t have to worry about holding onto the label it came with.

The Cannascape jars come in 3 styles:

  • Glass: made of durable, borosilicate glass & topped with a wooden, airtight lid.
  • Classic White Matte: made of 18/8 restaurant-grade stainless steel and coated in a clean, matte finish, topped with a smoked, airtight lid.
  • Classic Black Matte: made of 18/8 restaurant-grade stainless steel and coated in a clean, matte finish, topped with a smoked, airtight lid.

Cannador Cannabis Humidor

best cannabis storage containers

The Cannador might be the most luxurious cannabis storage container on the market right now.

Made of solid mahogany versus cedar and equipped with VaporBeads for humidification, Cannador is ideal for the long-term storage of your top-shelf cannabis.

This is truly a connoisseurs stash box, with a nice price tag to match.

But don’t be fooled, this humidor is built to keep your buds at precise temperatures and humidity and is worth every penny.

They even have a device called the Blustream Hygrometer that comes with an app so you can get full visibility of the relative humidity and temperatures without ever opening the box.

We got more in-depth and even interviewed the creator in one of our past reviews, which you can check out before buying.

Cannador has several options starting with a 2-strain box that starts at $160 and a 6-strain version that gets as high as $308.

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What is the Best Smell-Proof Container For Weed?

The best smell-proof container is by far the Stashlogix Silverton line. It is not only lined with silver foil to keep the smell in, but it also has a 3-digit lock and zipper system.

It is 100% smell-proof after all of our tests.

Can I Store Weed in an Airtight Container?

Yes, it is recommended to store your weed in an airtight container like the Staze Vacuum Sealed Container. An airtight container set to proper humidity and temperature will keep your weed fresh for months.

Check the price of the Staze Airtight Vacuum-sealed Weed Container. 

Are Mason Jars Good For Weed?

Yes, mason jars are good for weed especially if they are dark glass that will not let light penetrate them. Light can ruin your cannabis, so it should be avoided at all costs when storing your weed.

What to Look for in a Weed Container?

Always look for a weed container that will limit light exposure, is airtight and smell proof.

If you have children or pets, you should consider a weed container that is child-resistant and can prevent curious furry friends from opening the lid.

Advantages Of Cannabis Storage For Flower And Edibles?

Proper storage of your cannabis flowers and edibles is essential for preserving their potency and flavor long term.

What Size Jar is Best For Storing Cannabis?

The size of the jar that will be best for storing cannabis will depend on how much weed you put in it.

You always want there to be a bit of breathing room so your cannabis buds are not squished.

Is Plastic or Glass Better For Storing Cannabis?

Glass containers are the best containers for keeping your cannabis fresh long-term.

You want to avoid plastic bags when possible.

How Long Can Weed Be Stored Before It Spoils?

Cannabis can be stored properly for up to two years, but its potency and flavor may deteriorate over time.

Keeping your cannabis away from direct sunlight and in a cool and dark place is your best defense against deterioration.

Can Cannabis Be Kept In The Fridge?

Cannabis should not be stored in the refrigerator because temperature and humidity fluctuations can cause the growth of mold and mildew.

How Should Cannabis Be Stored To Keep Its Potency and Flavor?

To preserve the potency and flavor of cannabis, keep it in an airtight container in a cool, dark place.