Finding the best dab torch is crucial to achieving the perfect dabbing experience.

This specialized tool, a cornerstone of the dabbing process, is responsible for heating your rig’s nail to the ideal temperature.

As dabbing continues to gain popularity, the market is flooded with a variety of torches for dabbing, each claiming to be the ultimate choice.

To help you sift through these options, I created a comprehensive guide to the top-rated dab torches of 2024.

6 Key Features To Identifying The Best Dab Torch

1. Gas Type

When it comes to choosing the best dab torch for your needs, one of the main factors to consider is the type of gas it uses.

This might seem like a minor detail, but it can significantly impact your dabbing experience.

Dab torches typically use either butane or propane gas.

Each has its own set of advantages and disadvantages:

Butane Dab Torches

Butane torches are often favored for their ease of use and portability.

  • Portability: They are generally more compact and lightweight, making them easy to carry around.
  • Ease of Use: They are typically simpler to use, with straightforward refill processes.
  • Smooth Heat: Butane burns cleaner and produces less carbon monoxide, which can result in a smoother dabbing experience.
  • Heat Intensity: They may not get as hot as propane torches, which could result in longer heating times.
  • Cost: Butane can be more expensive and less readily available than propane.

Propane Dab Torches

Propane torches are known for their high heat output.

  • Heat Intensity: They can reach higher temperatures more quickly than butane torches, which can result in shorter heating times.
  • Cost: Propane is generally cheaper and more readily available than butane.
  • Size: They are often larger and heavier, making them less portable.
  • Heat Control: Propane burns super hot and can be a disadvantage if not managed properly, as it can lead to faster wear and tear on your dab nail or banger.

2. Temperature Control

The temperature at which you heat your dab can significantly impact the flavor and potency.

Too low, and you might not fully vaporize your concentrate, leading to a less potent hit.

Too high, and you could burn your concentrate, resulting in a harsh, less flavorful experience.

Controlling the temperature of your dab torch is all about managing the flame size.

Some torches come with adjustable flame controls, allowing you to easily adjust the size and intensity.

Others might require a bit more finesse, requiring you to manually adjust the distance between the torch and your dab nail to reach the right temperature.

So, when you’re shopping for the best dab torch, make sure to consider how easy it is to control the temperature.

3. Safety Features

Dab torches, by their very nature, can be dangerous if not used correctly.

They produce high-intensity flame, so it’s essential to choose a torch that has built-in safety features to help prevent accidents.

When choosing the best dab torch, look for one that has a safety lock to prevent accidental ignition.

Adjustable flame controls are also important, as they allow you to control the size and intensity of the flame.

A stable base is another crucial feature, as it helps prevent the torch from tipping over.

4. Ease of Use

Dabbing involves a few steps, and the torch is a key player in this process.

A torch that’s easy to use can streamline the dabbing process, making it more enjoyable and less of a chore.

When choosing the best dab torch, look for one that has straightforward controls and a simple ignition process.

5. Size of the Tank

The size of the tank in a dab torch determines how much gas it can hold, which in turn affects how long you can use the torch before it needs to be refilled.

Depending on your dabbing habits, the size of the tank can be a crucial factor.

If you’re a regular dabber or prefer longer dabbing sessions, a torch with a larger tank might be a better fit.

If you value portability or dab less frequently, a torch with a smaller tank could be the way to go.

So, when you’re shopping for the best dab torch, don’t just consider the price or the brand – make sure to think about the tank size and how it fits with your dabbing habits.

6. Amount of Jets

The number of jets in a dab torch determines how the flame is distributed when you’re heating your dab nail, the heating time, and how often you need to refill your torch.

You have both single and multiple jet options when it comes to torches for dabs.

Dabbing torches with a single jet need less frequent refills, offer more precise control, are less likely to overheat, and are great for smaller nails or bangers.

With multiple jets, you are getting a more powerful torch that makes it more efficient at evenly heating larger nails and bangers but you will run out of fuel much faster than with a single jet.

Best Butane Dab Torches

Blazer Big Shot GT8000 Butane Dab Torch

best dab torch blazer big shot butane torch for dabs

The Blazer Big Shot butane torch is considered the gold standard when it comes to dab torches.

It is also the dab torch that I personally use and have used for almost a decade.

It’s got a large fuel capacity, heats up instantly, is easily refillable, and comes with a dial to control the flame length.

With a brass frame nozzle and an attachable base, this torch is designed to deliver a maximum flame temperature of 2,500 degrees Fahrenheit and a continuous usage time of approximately 35 minutes.

It features a piezoelectric ignition system, which means you don’t need an electrical connection to fire it up.

And the anti-flare, brass frame nozzle ensures safety and flame control.

Plus, it’s made in Japan, known for its high-quality manufacturing.


  • Heats up immediately
  • Large fuel capacity, meaning less frequent refills
  • Easily refillable tank
  • Powerful 2500ºF turbo flame
  • Continuous usage time of over 35 minutes


  • Lacks a quick start function, which could be a minor inconvenience
  • Flame adjustability is somewhat limited, offering less control over the flame size

Blazer Big Buddy Butane Torch

Blazer Big Buddy Butane Torch

The Blazer Big Buddy Torch is a butane refillable torch that’s designed for both industrial and retail hand tool markets.

It features an instant ignition system, a safety lock system, and a heat-resistant ceramic nozzle system.

In addition, it’s designed with a child-resistant locking mechanism ensuring safety during use.

It’s got a powerful 2,500-degree Fahrenheit flame and up to 60 minutes of continuous burn time.

Plus, it comes with a detachable base for hands-free work and is lightweight and portable.


  • Powerful 2,500-degree Fahrenheit wind-resistant torch flame
  • Instant ignition system
  • Flame lock lever, for continuous operation without holding the trigger
  • Child-resistant lock, for added safety
  • Heat-resistant ceramic nozzle system, for long-lasting use


  • Controls could be easier to use
  • The nozzle doesn’t get very hot, which could affect heating efficiency
  • Gas control is easily moved accidentally, requiring careful handling

MAVEN Xuper One Torch

MAVEN Xuper One Torch

The Maven Xuper One Torch is a refillable butane dabbing torch with a powerful flame that’s designed for a variety of applications, including dabbing, lighting cigars, or even campfires.

The torch has an angled flame with a maximum temperature of 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit and a burn time of up to 30 minutes.

It features a piezoelectric ignition and a safety locking system, which prevents the flame from accidentally turning on.

A unique feature is its built-in fuel window to check how much butane gas you have left, which is convenient.


  • Powerful single flame
  • Continuous usage for up to 30 minutes
  • Piezoelectric ignition system
  • Safety locking system
  • Durable construction
  • Comfortable grip
  • Angled flame for precise control


  • Can be a bit bulky and not as portable as some other torches
  • Flame can be a bit hot for some users, requiring careful handling

MAVEN Model K Torch

MAVEN Model K Torch

The MAVEN Model K Torch stands out in the market due to its unique design and versatility.

Its bold and intricate finish, available in two-dimensional and two-toned colors, adds a touch of style to its functionality.

The gun-shaped torch, made from durable zinc alloy, features a sleek metallic finish and is sized at 5″ x 2″ x 6″.

The torch’s single, adjustable windproof nozzle allows for precision, while the safety locking system and ignition hold ensure safe usage.


  • Single, adjustable windproof jet for precise control
  • Safety locking and ignition hold for secure usage
  • Durable zinc alloy construction ensures longevity
  • Stylish design with a sleek metallic finish
  • Versatile usage, from dabbing to cooking


  • The gun-shaped design might not appeal to everyone
  • Unable to reliably stand on its own, you must hold it when using it

MAVEN Volt Torch with Dab Tool

MAVEN Volt Torch with Dab Tool

The Maven Volt Torch is designed with a stainless steel dab tool attached right to the front, making it a handy all-in-one dabbing tool.

It features a single flame nozzle that gets up to 2,300 degrees Fahrenheit and can burn continuously for 45 minutes.

It has a futuristic look and is made from a durable zinc alloy metal material with a sleek metallic finish.


  • Continuous usage for up to 45 minutes
  • Piezoelectric ignition system
  • Safety locking system
  • Adjustable flame lever
  • Durable construction
  • Comfortable grip
  • Dab tool included


  • Can be a bit bulky, which might affect portability

Scorch X-Series Supreme Dual Flame Dab Torch

Scorch X-Series Supreme Dual Flame Dab Torch

The Scorch X-Series Supreme Dual Flame Dab Torch stands out in the market for its immense power and adaptability.

This torch is no ordinary tool; it’s the ‘biggest and baddest‘ in the industry, sporting a large dual flame for swift and efficient heating of your dab nail.

Its distinguishing features include an adjustable gas flow, allowing for precision flame control, a child safety switch to maintain utmost safety, and a firm base to provide stability during use.

This Torch isn’t just reliable; it’s also a pleasure to use, thanks to its ergonomic grip.


  • Potent dual-flame
  • Safety-conscious child lock and airflow control valve
  • Built-in stand for stability
  • Robust construction and ergonomic grip
  • Piezo crystal igniter for ease of use


  • Higher pricing than comparable dab torches
  • Does not perform well in windy conditions

Special Blue “Diablo” Dab Torch

Special Blue

The Special Blue “Diablo” Dab Torch cuts a striking figure among other dab torches in the market, and it’s not just because of its devilishly good looks.

This torch offers you unmatched control with its adjustable dual-flame, allowing for precise or rapid heating as required.

In addition, it features a child safety lock and an airflow control valve, prioritizing safe use.

Its built-in stand further enhances stability, making it a breeze to use.

Whether you’re a dabbing newbie or a seasoned pro, Diablo’s powerful performance makes it a viable option as the best dab torch.


  • Dual-flame with adjustable size
  • Designed for safe use with a child safety lock and airflow control valve
  • The built-in base provides stable upright resting
  • Durable construction and ergonomic grip


  • Price may be on the higher end for some

Newport Triple Flame Torch

Newport Triple Flame Torch

Among the array of dab torches on the market, the Newport Triple Flame Torch is an undeniable standout.

Its triple-flame feature exudes raw power while offering an adjustable flame size.

But what sets this torch apart is its meticulous focus on safety and convenience, evidenced by the child safety lock, airflow control valve, and in-built stand.

The sleek, high-grade metal exterior available in several colors enhances its aesthetic appeal.

Whether you dab daily or not, this torch is a reliable workhorse.


  • Powerful triple-flame, capable of a wide range of flame sizes
  • Emphasizes safety with a child safety lock and airflow control valve
  • Stable and convenient with an in-built stand
  • Robust build with an ergonomic grip, designed for long-lasting usage


  • May be pricier compared to other torches on the market
  • Lighting could be challenging in windy conditions

Best Mini Torches For Dabs

If you value portability, a mini torch might be the best dab torch choice for you.

Here are a few options:

Blazer Firefox Mini Torch

Blazer Firefox Mini Torch

The Blazer Firefox Mini Torch distinguishes itself from the other best torches with its potent combination of power and compactness.

This butane torch, though small, packs a potent punch with its adjustable single flame that can range from a focused, precision point to a wide, robust flame for swift heating.

What makes it a game-changer is its unique, user-friendly design; despite its power, it weighs just 7oz and stands at a convenient 4½” tall.

The Firefox Mini Torch adds safety features such as a child-resistant mechanism and a trigger lock, making it not only efficient and handy but also secure.


  • Boasts a potent, adjustable single flame
  • Ensures user safety with a child safety lock, airflow control valve, and built-in stand
  • Features a durable construction and an ergonomic grip for comfortable use
  • Comes in various colors to suit personal preferences


  • May be pricier compared to other mini torches
  • Requires regular butane refills, since the tank is smaller

Blazer Stingray Micro Torch

Blazer Stingray Micro Torch

The Blazer Stingray Micro Torch is an impressive, petite yet powerful butane torch.

The Stingray offers an adjustable single flame, ranging from a pinpointed flame for precise heating to a large, robust flame for swift, efficient heating.

The anodized outer body finish of the Stingray enhances thickness and strength, ensuring resistance to wear and corrosion.

This easy-to-use torch doesn’t merely deliver consistent flames; it epitomizes durability and efficiency, setting a high standard in the micro torch arena.


  • Features an adjustable, powerful flame
  • Child safety lock, airflow control valve, and built-in stand
  • Durable construction with an anodized finish for enhanced corrosion resistance


  • May be priced higher than other mini torches
  • Its small tank requires frequent butane refills

Blazer Piezo Electric Torch

Blazer Piezo Electric Torch

The Blazer Piezo Electric Butane Torch distinguishes itself from the crowd with its powerful yet adjustable single flame and the convenience of a piezo electric ignition system.

This torch offers a no-fuss solution to varying heating needs, with the piezo system offering a reliable flame in all conditions, without the need for a separate ignition source.

Its durable construction, ergonomic grip, and anodized finish for corrosion resistance are like icing on the cake, making this mini dab torch a top pick.


  • Boasts of an adjustable, powerful single flame
  • Piezo electric ignition ensures reliable and consistent ignition in all conditions
  • Child safety lock, airflow control valve, and built-in stand enhance safety and convenience
  • Durable construction with an anodized finish for increased corrosion resistance


  • Despite the piezo electric ignition, lighting may still be challenging in extremely windy conditions

BernzOMatic Micro Flame Torch

BernzOMatic Micro Flame Torch

The BernzOMatic is a compact torch that packs a punch with a pistol-style grip, 3-in-1 versatile tip, and an impressive 40-45 minute burn time on a single refill.

It features a unique 3-in-1 tip that can be utilized as a micro torch, giving you some flexibility if you need a very prices flame for a small dab nail.

Its trigger-start ignition system makes it simple to light and control, while the adjustable flame caters to both focused, precision heating and swift, efficient heating.


  • Powerful and adjustable single flame
  • Easy-to-use trigger-start ignition system
  • Comes with a child lock and an airflow control valve for enhanced safety
  • Built-in stand and durable construction for increased longevity
  • Ergonomic grip for a comfortable usage experience


  • 3-in-1 tip has questionable usability for dabbing, great for other applications
  • On the more expensive side

Newport 5.5″ Mini Torch

Newport 5.5

The Newport 5.5″ Mini Dab Torch is a small powerhouse that operates at any angle, making it highly versatile for different scenarios.

Despite its smaller size, it packs quite a punch, with a maximum flame temperature of 2,300 degrees Fahrenheit.

It features a self-igniting piezo ignition, making it simple to light, and an adjustable flame for precise heating control.

Its comfortable grip and quick refill design make it a go-to for users seeking both convenience and performance.


  • Offers a powerful and adjustable flame
  • Designed with a child safety lock and an airflow control valve
  • Comes with a built-in stand
  • Easy-to-use thanks to its self-igniting piezo ignition


  • More expensive than some other mini torches
  • Requires regular butane refills

FAQs About The Best Dab Torches of 2024

Why Use a Torch for Dabs?

You use a torch for dabs because it can rapidly heat the nail or banger to the high temperatures required to vaporize cannabis concentrates.

This method provides a potent and flavorful experience that other options, like dry herb vaporizers or e-nails, might not offer to the same extent.

Is Butane or Propane Torch Better For Dabs?

Both butane and propane torches can be used for dabs, but they offer different advantages.

Butane torches are often more portable and provide a cleaner burn, while propane torches heat up faster and are generally cheaper.

The choice between the two depends on your specific needs and preferences.

Can You Use a Small Torch Lighter For Dabs?

Yes, you can use a small torch lighter for dabs.

However, it may take longer to heat the nail or banger due to the smaller flame, and frequent refills might be needed due to the smaller fuel capacity.

Does Torch Size Matter For Dabs?

Yes, torch size does matter for dabs. Larger torches typically heat the nail or banger faster and have a larger fuel capacity, reducing refill frequency.

However, smaller torches offer greater portability and precision but may require more time to heat up and frequent refills.

Is a Propane Torch Safe For Dabbing?

Yes, a propane torch is safe for dabbing when used properly.

It provides a high heat output quickly, which is beneficial for dabbing.

However, it’s important to manage the high heat properly to prevent damage to your dab rig and ensure safety.

How Long Does a Torch Last for Dabs?

The duration a torch lasts for dabs depends on its fuel capacity and the number of jets it has.

A larger torch with a bigger fuel tank can last for several dabbing sessions before needing a refill.

However, torches with multiple jets may consume fuel faster. Always refer to the manufacturer’s specifications for precise information.