A few weeks ago we brought you an article introducing you to the Grav Labs Ionix Torchless Dab System.

We were able to get our hands on one, so we wanted to share what it’s like to own one.

The Grav Labs Ionix is a semi-portable vaping system that has 3 atomizers.

You can easily take it places, but standing at 11 inches tall, and a width of 4 inches at the base, it is no pocket vape.

I see the Ionix being used more as a desktop or tabletop vaping system.

Unlike other vaping systems, the Ionix is something you can have on your work desk or your living room table without it taking up too much room.

The Ionix is delivered inside a custom-fitted and foam-cushioned box. Inside your Grav Labs Ionix box, you receive a wall charger, with a micro USB charging cable, 1 stainless steel dab tool, and a 12-pack of atomizer replacements.

Last, but definitely not least, you have the Ionix base in the color you choose, mine is Turquoise, and the 4mm borosilicate glass mouthpiece to complete the vape system.

Grav Labs Ionix

Grav Labs Ionix

Although the Ionix comes with a partial charge, you’ll want to charge it fully before use.

The master button will flash green when charging and it will stay lit, without flashing, when fully charged.

Once fully charged you can get started with your torchless dabs. First, you want to start by screwing in all 3 atomizers, then you can fill one, two, or all three with your preferred concentrate or essential oil.

Try to only use a small BB’s worth so you do not overfill!

Put the glass mouthpiece over the top of your Ionix base and press the master button 5 times within two seconds.

The light will flash 5 times to let you know Ionix is turned on.

Grav Labs Ionix

Grav Labs Ionix

To use an individual atomizer press and hold the single button that is located below that atomizer.

The button’s light will turn blue. To use all 3 atomizers at once, press and hold the master button, this button’s light will turn green.

If you hold any button longer than 10 seconds it will cause the button to turn off, and your atomizer will stop burning.

To turn your Grav Labs Ionix off press the master button 5 times within two seconds.

To save battery, the Ionix turns off after 10 minutes of inactivity.

Grav Labs Ionix

There are a few things I like about the Grav Labs Ionix, the first is its size. I know many people prefer something smaller like a pocket-sized vape, but I enjoy the full size. I love that this is a desktop vaporizing system but still doesn’t take up too much room.

The second thing I like is the 3 atomizers, which means that you have choices. You can put 3 different kinds of concentrates in here at once, fire them up individually, or all at once for a killer hit and an amazing taste.

Think of the combinations you can do!

For new-time vapers, you can start off with just 1 atomizer and work your way up. It hits great, it’s simple to use, and made by a HotBox-approved company!

You can purchase the Grav Labs Ionix from 420 Science for $179.00. There are five colors to choose from; Black, Orange, Pearl, Turquoise, and Yellow.

Be sure to check out the Grav website for all of their products.

Give their Facebook page a “like” and “follow” @GravLabs on Instagram as they showcase new products and do giveaways on those pages.