HotBox Magazine is a product discovery platform

We help you find the best products from online head shops and local head shops across the USA.

We’ve spent a decade testing and reviewing the best head shop products and accessories you can find online and locally across the USA.

Hotbox Magazine was founded by Roy Jossfolk in 2014 because of his interest in head shop products and accessories.

Our Mission

HotBox Magazine aims to help cannabis enthusiasts and consumers discover products that help with storing, preparing, and consuming cannabis.

Not only do we want to help you discover the best products but we also want you to get them for the best price.

Our Review Process

HotBox Magazine does a combination of the following to publish their head shop product reviews:

Purchasing Products: We buy products monthly from vetted online head shops and local head shops in the Orlando, FL area.

Collaborating with Vetted Brands: Once we find a brand or product to be reliable, high-quality, and run by trusted individuals (or groups) we attempt to work together to create unique content. Content like “how to” articles and topics that require an expert to chime in.

Reaching Out to Past Customers: We constantly reach out to our email list of nearly 10k people and ask for feedback on products they own. This is one of our favorite ways to collect information about products and brands.

Using Products in Social Settings: We hang out with a lot of cannabis connoisseurs and because of that they show us all types of new and interesting head shops products and accessories. This gives us a unique opportunity to use a product we might not have otherwise been able to. Plus, we get a unique perspective from an actual customer of the product and they tell us about their experiences.

All reviews are 100% authentic and written by head shop product experts as well as copywriting experts.

Why Trust Our Reviews?

HotBox Magazine is founded and operated by someone who genuinely loves learning about and using innovative new head shop products and accessories.

For 10 years the company has done business independently of any outside funding or influence.

A lot of other media companies or review sites never even touch the products and in many cases use AI writing tools to produce mass amounts of content.

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How Does HotBox Magazine Make Money?

HotBox Magazine makes money to keep the website running in the following ways:

Affiliate Marketing: Affiliate marketing is when you promote a product and if someone buys that product thru your promotion, the promoter gets a commission. This commission costs the end customer nothing and is funded by the company that is selling the promoted products.

Working as an affiliate does not mean we have a personal relationship with the brand itself, almost anyone can join an affiliate program. When you click on certain external links on our website, we may or may not receive a commission if you buy the product.

Cannabis Marketing as a Service: Once we have identified a brand as trustworthy and high-quality, we offer them a chance to work with us on content like articles, social media posts, email promotions, YouTube videos, and podcasts.

Because this content costs a lot of money, time, and expertise to create, we have to receive some compensation or else it would not be possible to produce the content. Our fees are reasonable and cover the bare minimum costs to produce high-quality content by head shop product experts and expert copywriters.

Ad Impressions: You might notice we have ad placements across our website. We get paid for impressions, or views, of the ad itself. We do not get paid by the click. All ads are relevant to the articles and products we are discussing.

Where is HotBox Magazine Located?

HotBox Magazine is located in Downtown Orlando, FL in the United States of America.