Ever been smoking cannabis only to have to hide the weed smell quickly to avoid being caught?

Getting caught smoking cannabis because of its pungent smell can lead to all types of issues.

While cannabis laws are changing, there are still instances where you want to conceal that you are smoking weed.

So what is the best 420 odor eliminator spray for cannabis and weed smell on the market?

The answer is simple, so keep reading so I can explain to you why.

Smoke Rises and Lingers Above Your Head, While Most Odor Eliminators Fall

Have you ever noticed that when you spray Febreeze, Ozium, and other 420 odor eliminator spray it will fall to the ground when used?

This is because the particles in those odor-eliminating sprays are heavier than air.

Smoke, on the other hand, is both lighter and heavier than air.

I know that is weird but let me explain this to you.

Smoke is usually associated with combustion or decomposition due to heat.

Both processes generate hot air, which is less dense than air.

This allows smoke to rise and linger above your head, getting pushed around with movement within the air like a fan, A/C unit, or even wind.

Once the smoke cools down, it falls and ends up as dust.

So if you smoke indoors and always have a lot of dust, now you know why!

The point I was to make to you is that if the smoke rises, why would a spray that immediately falls be useful for neutralizing, absorbing, or eliminating smoke from something like cannabis?

Wet Residue From Odor Eliminators Can Stain Fabric

The next thing I want you to observe when you use odor neutralizers and eliminators is what happens after the spray itself lands.

Ozium, Febreeze, and almost every other odor reducer on the market are wet substances.

This is because these products are made with wet aerosols as opposed to dry aerosols. (check out this Wiki article on the physics of aerosol when you’re done reading our article.)

So when you spray these products into the air, you end up with a wet substance on anything they land on.

For many of us, this is a big negative to using these products.

No one wants a wet substance that can stain fabric all over the place.

So what’s the answer to our dilemma of getting rid of weed smells and odors?

What is the Best Odor Eliminator Spray for Weed Smell?

Did you know there is a product made specifically for cannabis smokers that is both a dry aerosol and lighter than air?

The product is called Spray 420 Odor Eliminator and is known as the “Strongest Odor Eliminator In The World”.

Spray 420 is a superior marijuana smoke odor eliminator that leaves absolutely no wet residue, the best air purifier odor neutralizer for weed, and is even safe enough for silk & cannabis odor neutralizers.

Because Spray 420 is weightless, the magic happens when the particles from Spray 420 attach themselves to the smoke particles and eliminate the smell at the source.

I’m sure you’re wondering why your typical brands like Ozium and Febreeze haven’t adopted this same solution.

Well, that is because Spray 420 holds a patent on the technology which stops these other brands from creating a similar product.

Spray 420 marijuana Odor Eliminator has been a product I have trusted and used for over 7 years now.

It works every time I need it most and works quickly!

Spray 420 Weed Smell Eliminator Put to The Test

As I stated before, Spray 420 is the best air freshener solution for any weed smoke smell in your home, or car, and even safe enough for your hair and clothes.

Again and again, over the years, Spray 420 has passed every test imaginable.

I’ve used it in my car, hotel room, my own home, and even when visiting family who don’t like the smell of smoking cannabis.

It is a staple product that I continue to buy and it is even highly effective on everyday smoke odors that may linger in your bathroom or even if you have pets.

All Fog, No Smell For Spray 420 Weed Smell Spray

One thing you will notice is that Spray 420 won’t get rid of the actual smoke in a confined space however you will be amazed that someone who steps into the room won’t be able to smell any weed!

The original formula, Clean Green, smells like fresh linen and over the past few years, they have added 2 additional scents; Sweet Vanilla Pink and New Car Blue.

Each bottle is colored according to the names (green, blue, pink) and they even have a sampler pack so you can see which you like best.

This product is also environmentally friendly and is CFC-free and ozone-friendly.

Tips For Using Spray 420 Effectively

Since I’ve been using this weed odor spray for so many years, here are a few tips for getting the most out of it:

  1. Don’t go heavy with it! It only takes a few quick sprays to eliminate the smell of weed in your room, home, hotel, or car.
  2. Leverage your A/C unit or fan. Since Spray 420 is lighter than air, the best way to apply it is by spraying a small amount in your A/C intake vent in your car, home, or hotel. The air will push it throughout the entire area and also improve the smell of the air coming out of your A/C.
  3. Wait until your smoke session is done. Don’t spray it after every hit, the spray is strong enough to eliminate all smoke odor after you’re done.
  4. Use it as a body spray! Spray 420 is safe to use on your clothes, hair, and body. It also smells more natural than perfume while also attaching itself to the smoke molecules caught in your hair or clothes in order to eliminate any weed odors.
  5. Use on pet beds, sheets, or furniture. Spray 420 is 100% safe for all fabrics, animals, and for humans.

Spray 420 Odor Eliminator Spray Benefits:

  1. CFC Free and Ozone Friendly
  2. Designed neutral for men and women
  3. Safe around pets
  4. Made in the USA
  5. Eliminates odor, not just a cover-up

Buy Spray 420 Near Me

You can buy Spray 420 Odor Eliminator in 3 ($14.99), 6 ($28.99), and 12 ($48.99) pack bundles.

Spray 420 is typically available at the majority of smoke shops and head shops as well as gas stations all over the USA.

If your favorite shop doesn’t carry it, let them know they are missing out on the best weed smell eliminator on the market.

Spray 420 has a very large following and is used by Bone Thugs N Harmony, Noreaga, and has even been given rave reviews by High Times Magazine.

HotBox™ gives Spray 420 a full endorsement as we have been using it now for over 7 years without any disappointment.

Check out some pics below and also check out their Instagram @Spray420.

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