Leafly is perfect for new medical marijuana patients, and current patients looking for strains and products. They also include reviews and ratings to help you decide on strains, products, and dispensaries/store locations. They also have a News and Culture section for cannabis news, lists, recipes, etc.

There is also a Knowledge Center for educational resources and cannabis basics. Leafly also offers a community of cannabis consumers and patients, you can join and interact with others, or you can write strain and product reviews in your journal which adds recommendations to the knowledge base.


If you are looking for a strain, edible, concentrate, etc. you will want to use Leafly’s Explore option. This search allows you to add filters such as; effects, flavor, medical use, and edibles.

If you’re looking to find a dispensary, delivery service, storefronts, etc. You will want to use the Leafly Finder.
You can sort the listings by things like; veteran discounts, products available, and cost listings.

They also have a News and Culture center that keeps you up to date with many things of that nature.
You can look over New Strain Alerts and many of the other cool features Leafly has to offer.
The news and culture center on Leafly also keep you up to date with news by state, so you can keep up with whats going on in YOUR state!

Leafly is available on the website and in the Apple and Google Play stores.

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