Since the dawn of herbal medicating, dried out herbs have plagued us all. Finding the perfect storage container can be problematic, and often frustrating. Skunk Box has solved the problems, though, and eased our frustrated little minds, with something so much better than the Mason jar you keep under your bed.

skunk box best cannabis storage

About Skunk Box & Their Humidor Options

Based out of Tucson, Arizona, Skunk Box produces fully customizable personal humidifiers to keep your herbs at optimum levels of taste and freshness, with options to suit everyone’s tastes. The injection-molded casing comes in two styles, the Stealth Mode, and the Deluxe.

The Stealth Mode is a black-on-black, solid case, that gives no outward clue to what the nifty little box may hold. The Deluxe model gives a hygrometer display, and features the Skunk Box logo, for a much more sophisticated, albeit slightly more telling facade. Both models are odor-proof, airtight, and waterproof.

The hygrometer display, unfortunately, is not waterproof, so, if you happen to submerge your Deluxe model, your meds will remain dry, but the readout display will most likely just be for show. Both cases are indestructible, and the perfect size for traveling, camping, or whatever adventure you choose to medicate on.

What’s Inside the Box?

Inside of the Box, the customization options become even more exciting. You have a choice of the rugged, no-nonsense silicone option, which features a removable, washable silicone tray, or the Deep Dish interior, which shows off with an African Mahogany bottom with an extra-large compartment for storage and the added benefit of a curing effect.

skunk box best weed storage

There is also a divided tray option, to store both dry herbals, and concentrates. The top plate comes with the Skunk Box logo, or you can choose your own logo or word to have engraved instead. All versions of the Skunk Box feature a Boveda 2-way humidifier system, which will help to not only regulate the humidity in your box for an average of two months but can also help to restore any herbals that may have dried out.

The top of the box features a magnetic closure, and a silicone o-ring, to ensure the box stays truly airtight. The Skunk Box is used daily around the Hot Box Headquarters. This is one of the cooler products that has come across our desks, and we highly recommend it, both as a personal use product, and a gift for the next level smoker.

skunk box best weed storage

Where to Buy Skunk Box Cannabis Humidor

Skunk Boxes are available for purchase on their website.  Pricing starts at $69.99, with each customization you choose affecting your final price. Go follow their Facebook page Skunk Box to keep up with all the new modifications and products that they release.

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