The 420 Limited Care Pack has been shipped out and received by our members! One product everyone is sure to love is the Chameleon Glass Monsoon spill-proof water pipe.

Who is Chameleon Glass?

Chameleon Glass is one of the most well-known and respected American Glass companies in the industry. They were founded over 20 years ago in Trinidad, CA and have recently moved their studio to Arizona.

Chameleon Glass has been a pioneer in themed glass pipes, functional hand-pipes as well as functional water bongs. The Monsoon spill-proof hand pipe is a great representation of their industry-changing functionality.

What is the Monsoon Spill-Proof Water Pipe?

The Chameleon Glass Monsoon is a uniquely designed hand pipe that simulates a water bong but it fits in your hand. It is also spill-proof so that you don’t have to worry about water getting all over your hands.

It is an amazing piece of stoner engineering! This is one of Chameleon Glass’s most popular products and comes in many colors.

chameleon monsoon spill-proof water pipe

So how do you get the water out you ask?

First hold your Chameleon Glass Monsoon straight up and down, with your mouthpiece pointing up. Run cold water through the mouthpiece for 60 seconds. Your Monsoon will drain on its own, and excess water can be dumped during the cleanout.

To keep it clean, use hot instead of cold water.

You can also run your favorite bong cleaner into the mouthpiece until your entire pipe is submerged. Next, pull your pipe out, flip it upside down, and submerge again into the cleaning solution. Repeat this process if necessary.

By doing this you will allow a full coating of your cleaner on the inside of your Monsoon. Let your Monsoon soak for as long as you think it needs. Rinse it out through the mouthpiece until all the gunk is gone and you no longer see or smell cleaner.

Where can you Buy Chameleon Glass Monsoon Water Pipe?

Chameleon Glass is found at nearly every smoke shop around the country, so be sure to check your favorite local head shop.

If you’d like to buy the Chameleon Glass Monsoon spill-proof water pipe online, try and get 10% off when you use this link! We featured them in our Top 5 Online Smoke Shop article for their speedy shipping and excellent customer service.

chameleon monsoon spill-proof water pipe