In this article, I will share with you 10 of my favorite products to quickly and cost-effectively keep your bong clean.

I created this list from testing more than 100 bong cleaners and accessories over the past 7 years.

But before I start, I have a quick question for you.

Do you see a heavy resin build-up, a disturbing film, or white or black specks building up inside of your bong?

The disturbing film on the water is called biofilm and can house countless types of yeasts, bacteria, and other microorganisms.

The black specks… mold.

I am the type of smoker that cleans their bong on a weekly basis, if not more.

If you’re like me or you’re convinced after hearing about the mold and biofilm, keep reading and you’ll have a sparkling new bong in no time.

Kryptonite Naked

kryptonite naked glass bong cleaner
This has become our favorite bong cleaning tools / weed pipe cleaner tool to use here at HotBox.

Klear Kryptonite has multiple solutions they carry however this is the one we find that works the best.

It’s tough on old resin & oil globs but soft on your hands, which is very important.

Many of the harsher cleaners can damage your hands, as I have dealt with myself.

This solution is also pretty much scentless, it does not give your glass a “cleaning chemical” smell once complete.

I am also impressed with the application of the product.

I get more uses from using Kryptonite Klear than I do with any other cleaner tested.

Because it is a thicker liquid (almost like a gel), it is easier to control the amount you use for each cleaning.

Some other cleaners are a mix of salt and liquid, which can be difficult to apply evenly.

A bonus is this product can be used to get rid of carbon burns on your quartz bangers.

A more detailed review and videos are coming soon, stay tuned.

This product is highly recommended by HotBox Magazine and can be purchased directly from Klear Kryptonite.

HEMPER Tech Cleaning Bundle

Hemper Tech Bong Cleaning Bundle

If you are someone who is OCD about keeping their bongs and pipe cleaner then the cleaning bundle from HemperTech is a must-have.

Here’s what you get:

  • A bottle of Klear Kryptonite (our favorite cleaner).
  • HEMPER Tech Fresh Wipes for cleaning the easy-to-reach spots & sanitizing your mouthpiece.
  • HEMPER Tech Plugs+Caps to make it easier to lather your glass with your cleaner without it pouring out.
  • HEMPER Tech Cotton Swabs for cleaning bong bowls, bong stems, and your dab bangers.
  • HEMPER Tech SnapCap Alcohol Swabs to easily keep your bangers, bowls, and mouthpieces clean.

Grab your HEMPER Tech Cleaning Bundle from Hemper’s website and you should be set to go for a while!

Randy’s Orange Label Cleaner

randys orange label glass cleaner

Randy’s Orange Label is a natural citrus cleaner that can really do wonders on heavily resinated pipes and bongs.

It is also the fastest way to clean your silicone bong, glass bong, metal, ceramic, wood, and acrylic pipes & bongs.

All you have to do is shake the bottle up to get a nice mix of the crystals and cleaning solution.

Then just squirt about a shot or two worth of the cleaner into your bong or glass pipe.

From there just shake it up and rinse it out.

It’s really that simple!

The only drawback is I recommend wearing some sort of hand protection, like gloves, because the solution can be a bit harsher on your hands.

If you’d like to grab a bottle or two, jump over to DankStop now.

Zen Ultrasonic Cleaner

zen ultrasonic pipe and glass cleaner

When I first heard about ultrasonic cleaning devices, I lost my mind.

The Zen Ultrasonic Cleaner is the safest, most cost-effective, and quickest way to clean your glass.

How does it work?

It cleans your glass by vibrating at 42kHz in water with a little bit of dishwashing soap. (yes, just regular soap!)

Then turn it on for a few minutes and it’s done!

No need for premium bong cleaning supplies/bong cleaning kits or ISO (although you can add those in safely).

It works because the water vibrates so quickly that it just takes off anything on the glass’s surface.

It is truly amazing to watch.

The only drawback is the size (show you a larger one further down the list) because it may not fit in medium to larger bongs.

It’s great for glass tips, hand pipes, and smaller rigs or bongs.

Grab this game-changing device today and save yourself a ton of money and time: buy one here.

Bong Blaster Bong Cleaner

bong blaster bong cleaner

I like Bong Blaster because it is easy to use and doesn’t require much or any shaking to clean your glass.

I’ve had bad experiences with having to shake up my bongs in the past, like accidentally hitting them against the sink.

The way Bong Blaster works is you just fill your piece with hot water, sprinkle in the Bong Blaster powder, and watch it do its work.

A reaction will occur that will start to remove all the resin and grime from your glass pipes, rigs, and bongs.

Depending on the size and shape of your bong, you may need to cover all the openings and shake it a bit (we have products for that later in the list).

And that’s it, a really simple and effective solution for your dirty bong.

Grab a jar or two from Grasscity, one of the most reliable head shops online for buying waterpipe cleaner online.

Piece Water

piece water bottle

I already know what you’re thinking but hear us out.

At first glance, Piece Water looks like a typical bottle of water and you are questioning our sanity as to why we recommend it.

After heavy testing and long conversations with the Piece Water CEO, we are convinced this is a solid solution to resin build-up in your bong and rigs.

This is not just regular water yet a proprietary blend of safe-all-natural mineral, vegetable, and fruit extract.

In other words, it is safe for you and the environment.

Using this unique blend helps prevent nasty build-up from buds and oils.

I personally use this product because it helps make the cleaning process easier and my bongs stay cleaner longer.

I figured out after a while that you can simply fill your bong or rig with regular water and just drop in maybe a shot full of Piece Water.

Then just swish the water around a bit to cover the surface area.

That should protect your piece from quickly building up resin (both flower and oil).

Grab a few bottles directly from Piece Water and try it yourself we definitely recommend it.

HEMPER Tech Cleaning Plugs+Caps

Hemper tech cleaning caps and plugs

These HEMPER Tech Cleaning Caps are a must-buy.

Whenever I am cleaning my bongs and rigs I always plug all the openings with cleaning caps.

I mostly use Klear Kryptonite (mentioned above) to clean my larger bongs that don’t fit into an ultrasonic cleaner.

In order to lather the cleaning gel around my entire piece, I will plug the openings and move the gel around (slowly, I try not to shake).

This can also be helpful with liquid cleaners as well in which you would shake your bong or a rig a bit.

The caps are made in a way that they can either fit in or around any sized opening your glass might have.

A truly clutch product that will last forever, grab them directly from Hemper’s website.

Dr. Dabber ISO-Snaps Cleaning Swabs

dr dabber iso snaps

If you dab a lot (like I do) you already know it can get messy.

Keeping your banger clean is like second nature.

With the popularity of electronic dabbers, it becomes even more important to keep your heating elements clean of built-up oil.

While dry cotton swabs can be helpful, nothing compares to an ISO Snap Cottom Swab from Dr. Dabber.

This makes it easy to clean your bangers and electronic dabbers without having to reheat them.

Each cotton swab has isopropyl alcohol inside the shaft of the stick.

Once you “snap” it, the ISO will be soaked up by the cotton swab.

Now you’re ready to properly clean your banger or electric dabber.

It can also handle hand pipes, bong bowls, and bong stems for a quick clean.

I keep a few packs of these on deck at all times.

Kushmore Ultrasonic Cleaning Kit

kushmore ultrasonic cleaning kit

The Kushmore Ultrasonic Cleaning Kit is another option for those looking to quickly and cost-effectively glass pipe cleaner machine and DIY bong cleaner.

Just like the Zen (above), the Kushmore uses ultrasound at 42kHz in order to vibrate water in and out of your glass piece.

I like the Kushmore because the shape is better suited for cannabis gear which is typically more long than wide.

The Zen has a bit of an egg shape which can limit the size and type of glass you can clean.

The Kushmore won’t fit large bongs but it is great for hand pipes, glass tips, and smaller dab rigs and bongs.

As a bonus, the Kushmore comes with its own “detergent” that you put in the water to help clean your glass faster.

I highly recommend getting an ultrasonic cleaner if you want to clean your glass as fast as possible with the least amount of effort.

Grab one directly from Kushmore here.

Higher Standards Pipe Stix Cotton Swabs

higher standards pipe stix cotton swabs

A Q-tip can go a long way when keeping your bong clean but Pipe Stix from Higher Standards go further.

That’s because they are about 3x the length of a normal Q-tip.

This is great because it allows me to get those hard-to-reach places on my bongs, hand pipes, and rigs.

I a pretty simple product that doesn’t need much explaining but definitely a staple product for the OCD stoners out there.

Grab a few packs at Dank Geek Online Head Shop.