We have all been in the situation, everyone has bud but no one has anything to smoke it out of!

No worries, stoners are the best engineers and can make something out of nothing with ease.

It has been done time and time again.

This situation has led us to talk about 3 stoner-engineered pipes that are made out of something other than the typical glass that we are used to smoking out of.

The infamous apple pipe did not make this list however we have 3 companies that really thought outside the box and came up with some smoking devices that are truly innovative and practical.

Eyce Molds

Here is a product that offers all of the benefits of a water pipe, but you can do with it as you please without fear of breaking it.

Eyce Molds is a silicone mold that produces a water pipe made of ice.

The kit comes complete with mold, core pin, stand, grommet, mouthpiece, and downstem.

Everything you need to start right away.

Eyce Molds stands at 13.25 inches and fits in most freezers and is made from FDA Approved Food Grade Silicone.

The best part about owning an Eyce Molds is that you never have to worry about cleaning it.

You can have some fun breaking it and then start all over with a brand-new, clean pipe.

But in case you don’t want to start over every day, Eyce Molds was actually made to last up to a couple of weeks depending on how you use it.

You can also have a full session in 90-plus-degree weather before it starts to sweat, and if you keep your hands off the ice by only grabbing the mouthpiece and stand it can last a little longer.

Eyce Molds also made the Eyce Ninja Suit to extend the life of your water pipe and make it easier to handle.

This is a really fun product to own since you can get pretty creative with it, and it’s HotBox Approved.

Add water, your favorite fruit, or even hard candy, and freeze! Keep your smoke cool this summer with Eyce Molds and check them out at EyceMolds.com

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The Incredibowl is a smoking device with revolutionary engineering that provides a smoother, cooler and easier hit.

Hitting the Incredibowl is a pretty cool experience. Once you light it and create suction, the smoke spirals in the nozzle which cools it.

The smoke passes through their patented filtration system to filter dangerous tars.

You then pull the BowlArmor, opening what they call the Annular Purge Carb.

This causes the smoke to rush through the chamber and pushes the smoke into your lungs.

The Incredibowl’s chamber is made of clear, shatter-proof polycarbonate and the external pieces are made of High Grade 6061 Aluminum to create armor for the piece as well as an effective heat sink.

It is relatively easy to clean, just soak it in rubbing alcohol overnight and rinse it with water.

The Incredibowl is available in two models, the i420 and the m420.

The m420 is the mobile-friendly version of the i420 since it is much smaller, but it still packs the punch of the i420.

There is a reason it has won 18 High Times Cannabis Cups! Purchase yours now at TheIncredibowl.com.

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Roll Uh Bowl

If you enjoy being outdoors a lot then you have met your match.

Roll-Uh-Bowl is the water pipe you can take anywhere.

It is indestructible, portable, and foldable.

Roll-Uh-Bowl is made from Grade IV Health Care Silicone. It stands 8 inches tall and, when folded, fits right in the palm of your hand.

When purchased, it includes the Roll-Uh-Bowl, a 9mm Graffix Composite downstem, and a 9mm alloy eject bowl.

It is odorless and flavorless so it will not mess with your tastebuds. Roll-Uh-Bowl is very easy to clean and it’s even dishwasher safe.

As we mentioned before, if you want to go fishing, hiking, camping or simply want to go anywhere with a water pipe, without any worries, this is it for you.

It doesn’t get any easier to take your water pipe with you than with your Roll-Uh-Bowl. Available in several colors to meet your style, check them out now at Roll-U-Bowl.com.

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