Unbreakable glass bongs are a must-have for a regular cannabis user.

I mean come on; we’ve all been there, Friday night hanging out with your best stoner friends watching episodes of ‘The Office’ for the 10th time.

All of a sudden one of them gets up and knocks over the glass bong from the coffee table. “Party foul, man!!!” screams your other friend in the corner.

unbreakable glass bongs

The individual of course apologizes but blames the coffee table for getting in the way as he helps clean up the mess.

The clumsy stoner then recommends getting one of the latest silicone unbreakable bongs.

Smoking out of silicone? Is that safe? I have always been a fan of a traditional glass water bong. Not plastic or silicone bongs.

What about Silicone Bongs vs Cheap glass?

The next day I went into the local head shop to replace my broken piece with another glass bong.

This one felt just as fragile as the original glass bong that broke.

Even though it felt like the piece wasn’t of the highest quality it should still get the job done, right?

While shopping I did look over the silicone bongs, but from a quick Google search, I realized the dangers of smoking out of silicone are uncertain and I do not want this neon rubbery piece on display in my home.

unbreakable silicone bongs

Do Unbreakable Glass Bongs exist?

This got me thinking.

Are there any unbreakable glass bongs that won’t break if dropped? Asking for a friend…no really I am.

Yes. Yes, there is.

Tank Glass is proudly blown in Los Angeles California and has created the strongest unbreakable glass bong I have ever encountered. Crafted for durability and function, this is the beaker that stays in your arsenal for years.

This piece needs no explanation. With over 60k views on YouTube, the videos speak for themselves.

The just recently released Tank Beaker V2 is now even stronger than the original beaker with an ice catcher perc for cold milky rips.

But no need to fret. We have put one of these to the test so that you don’t take the risk of breaking your bong.

This unbreakable glass bong features:

  • American Blown 9mm Glass
  • Reinforced Base
  • Uber Thick Tank Joint
  • 12 Inches Tall
  • 19mm Tank Bowl
  • Tank Downstem

unbreakable glass bong tank glassunbreakable glass bong tank glassunbreakable glass bong tank glass

What is Tank Glass Made Of?

Tank Glass is made of 9mm thick borosilicate glass that defines indestructibility.

All Tank Glass Bongs are made by master glassblowers who pride themselves in making simple, sturdy, and flawless glass bongs.

There is even a lifetime warranty!

Are Tank Glass bongs worth the money?

Absolutely! For $249.00 The Original Tank beaker in my mind is completely worth the investment.

It is stylish, sleek, and durable, unlike China-made glass that will break if just barely tipped over on the table. This will for sure outlast any of your other pieces.

Keep in mind, even though Tank Glass Bongs are made out of premium 9mm thick glass, it is still a glass bong.

No matter how much they do to fortify their message, glass can and will break under the right conditions.

There are accessories on the market like a metal downstem and bowls to make your piece that durable.

METALFORMS is a company that manufactures titanium bowls that can make great additions to your Tank Glass Bong.

You too can purchase this unbreakable bong from www.tankglass.us and check out their different sizes depending on your preference, from The Mini 8in tall, to the Straight Tube or the Max 18in tall unbreakable water bong. Yikes!

How should I clean my unbreakable glass bong?

When you invest in such a beautiful and well-manufactured piece like the unbreakable glass bong from Tank Glass you should use a cleaner made specifically for bong cleaning.

Many might say that salt and alcohol are good enough however would you clean a sports car with dishwashing soap?

We highly recommend Klear Kryptonite Glass Bong Cleaner as it is our go-to for cleaning our bongs. It works 10x better than salt and alcohol and is 100x better for the environment.

Use code 1stklear at checkout for 10%off

Also, check out our article 10 That Keep Your Bong Clean for additional products you can try.