We’ve all been there.

You’ve just come home with your first waterpipe.

Understandably excited, you hastily pull away the bubble wrap protection so you can get your hands on that beautiful piece of glass you’ve picked out.

Turns out you were just a little too hasty— The bowl or nail fumbles out of your hand, falling straight to the hard floor.

Saving the gory details, you head back to the shop for a new bowl.

But upon looking over your options you find that there are more options than you realized…

This is the most common moment when the novice toker realizes that they have no idea what bong joint size fits their piece, whether it’s even male or female or What is standard bowl size.

Know your bowl or nail size

This article will shed some light on what to look for to ensure that you find the right bowl for your bong or the right dab nail type for your rig.

know bowl size

Be forewarned, the terms you hear regarding fitting sizes may vary depending on the brand or based on your region, but not by much.

For example, “18mm” is also sometimes referred to as “19mm”, but bowls labeled with either size will actually measure out to be 18.8mm.

Some people also refer to 14mm as “14.5mm”, or 10mm as “12mm”, but all “14mm” or “14.5mm” fittings will always be 14.4mm, and almost always a “10” or “12mm” is actually 10mm, otherwise known as a “micro” fitting.

If you didn’t follow all that jargon, no worries.

The infographic below will break down all fitting sizes, male and female.

These will apply to all contemporary bowls and nails.

Where do you Buy Replacement Bowls & Downstems?

Here are a few good sites to buy downstems and bowls:

We listed 4:20 Somewhere, Grasscity, and HeadShop.com in our Top 5 Online Smoke Shops article because of their amazing customer service and they are one of the fastest-growing online head shops on the web.

How do you clean your bowl or nail?

We highly recommend Klear Kryptonite Glass Bong Cleaner as it is our go-to for cleaning our bongs, slides, bowls, and nails. It works 10x better than salt and alcohol and is 100x better for the environment.

Works on glass, quartz, and silicone.

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Also, consider checking out our article 10 Products that Keep your Bong Clean for even more products and tips for keeping that bong bowl clean.

bong bowl size fitting infographic