The problem with some joints, even if you add a crutch, or use clips, is the roach.

Some cannot handle this roach, burning their fingers.

Wasting some of their stashes because they cannot smoke it all, without getting burnt fingers.

Randy’s Wired Rolling Papers, has eliminated those problems.

Randy’s Wired Papers (https://randys.com/) has been around since 1975, yet not many seem to know about them.

Randy’s Papers are made in the USA, 100% hemp, and come in 1 ¼ and Kingsize.

Built into the paper, is a thin stainless steel wire, that runs the whole length of the paper.

This wire does not give off fumes or tastes, it is safe and non-toxic.

Randy’s papers are a bit thicker than others, but the thickness, plus the wire help in making a perfect roll every time.

When you light the joint, you will start to see the wire, this wire is cool to the touch, and as the joint burns, the wire gets bigger, allowing you to bend it, built-in joint holder.

Having this wire allows you to smoke all, no more boxes full of roaches.

As someone who usually has difficulty rolling papers, the thickness, and the wire was amazing to help me roll.

I did not mess up my roll, all was even….Usually never happens for me on 1st try.

I like how they burn, slow and even.

I could even hold the wire, super close to the joint, and it was indeed cool to the touch.

I did not taste or smell anything from this wire.

I found it quite entertaining, bending the wire to wrap around my finger.

I was able to smoke it all the way down, with no waste whatsoever.

Depending on what is in your Randy’s Paper the wire may be a tad bit messy, but a simple napkin wipe-off will remove that res & all will be good.


1. Eliminates the need of a roach clip.
2. No more wasting of your meds.
3. Wire is non-toxic, cool to touch.
4.  Wire means no more burnt fingers.
5. Made in the USA 100% hemp