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Swishers Sweets Mini in Island Bash

Smell/taste: Swisher released a rillo called Island Madness last summer, and now we’re back on that same island for a mini bash. The Island Bash swisher is quite similar to its big brother, but it’s is a very welcomed similarity. The thing that separates them is that they are much sweeter than the Island Madness, which is exactly what needed to happen. 5

Packaging: During the release of this flavor Swisher has re-released their entire minis series with a new layout. The Island Bash and its sister Swisher the Tropical Storm have a very cool color texture to them. In this case a dark red burst through a metallic blue background. 5

Harshness/mellowness: Another way these rillos are superior to their big brothers is that they aren’t harsh at all. 5

How slow does it burn?: I don’t know if I just got a fresh pack, but these burnt slower than you would expect a mini Swisher to burn. 5

Would you buy another? (If so how often?): Yes, this is a stock up alert. You’re gonna want to have these on deck all summer! 5

 *Final/star score: 5


Swishers Sweets Mini in Tropical Storm

Smell/taste: If you’re a fan of the regular  tropical Swisher Sweets then you’re in for a pleasant surprise. They mixed the punch differently during this tropical storm. Although these taste similar to the tropicals, they are leaps and bounds more tasty. 5

Packaging: The packaging for this series of  Island/Tropic mini Swishers is awesome. The amount of texture on the foil pack is very cool to see. This colorway goes green background with red smears busting through to the front. 5

Harshness/mellowness: The regular tropical Swishers are insanely harsh, these however hits as smooth as a blunt can.5

How slow does it burn?: These minis burn for a surprisingly long time. 5

Would you buy another? (If so how often?): Yes, this is another stock up alert! Go order a box or two of these, as well as their sister mini Swisher the Island Bash, and get ready for a tropical summer ! 5

*Final/star score: 5

swisher sweet blunt review

Zig Zag Black Wrapper cigarillos in Black Cane

Smell/taste: A sweet black wrapper cigar that is surprisingly smooth. The sugary aftertaste is delicious. 4

Packaging: A black foil pouch with red writing and a picture of the Zig-Zag man’s face. A little bland, but not horrible. 3

Harshness/mellowness: Don’t let the black wrapper fool you, these are just as smooth as any other rillo. 4

How slow does it burn?: average 3

Would you buy another? (If so how often?): Yes, they’re very stimulating visually and quite smooth. 3

*Final/star score: 3 1/2

zig zag blunt wraps

Dutch Masters Sweet Green natural candela leaf wrapper

Smell/taste: No, this is not deja vu and these are also different than the just green Dutch we have previously reviewed. These have the sweet and smooth candela flavor but it’s just a hint sweeter. There is an undeniable marshmallow taste to these cigarillos which was very tasty. 5

Packaging: A light green foil packages with all of the Masters on it. It’s resealable and come in a pack of three. 4

Harshness/mellowness: While these aren’t harsh, if you find yourself smoking a ton of these they will begin to dry your throat. 3

How slow does it burn?: Very slow, like most natural leaf rillos. 4

Would you buy another? (If so how often?): Yes, we’re big fans of this entire line of Dutch Master rillos. 5

*Final/star score: 4 1/2


Pure Hemp King sized rolling papers

Smell/taste: Very natural tasting. There’s almost no paper taste with these, just your smoke. 5

Packaging: The package I received was actually a promotional pack with Leafly packaging. The normal pack is no flares just straight forward. The only beef I have with these is that the filters are a bit thick. 3

Harshness/mellowness: Very Mellow. 5

How slow does it burn?: Slow. 4

Would you buy another? (If so how often?): More than likely. These are pretty consistent and sturdy rolling papers. 4

*Final/star score: 4 1/2

Pure Hemp King Size Papers