We all have those times when a smoking session may not necessarily be the great social event of the season or even involve more than one or two people.

For those times when it’s you and your best friend, your lover, or just you and your cat, Grav Labs Chillums are the perfect devices for less-attended smoking sessions.

I have spent years using this iconic glass pipe so here is my Grav Labs Chillums Review.

What is a Grav Labs Chillum?

grav labs chillum reviews

The traditional chillum from Grav Labs is a beautifully wrought glass piece, emblazoned with the Grav Labs logo, against a swirling green background.

Meant specifically for on-the-go use, the chillum has a deeper bowl than your standard one-hitter, giving a longer-lasting pack.

As one of the newer pieces in the Grav Labs product line, the chillum is well-thought-out, with a flattened mouthpiece that prevents it from rolling around when it’s set down.

A practical and stylish piece, the Grav Labs chillum has quickly become a staple on any road trip HotBox Magazine takes.

The Helix chillum is a product of the Helix sub-brand of Grav Labs.

The Helix Chillum is part of the Grav Goes campaign, which boasts small pieces specifically for travel, festivals, and shows.

How Does a Grav Labs Chillums Work?

The Helix chillum is a functional piece in the smoke-spinning category of glass pieces, which is a level just below water filtration.

The spinning means the smoke takes longer you reach you, which means it cools as it travels.

The cooling effect means a smoother hit, that won’t burn the throat.

Final Thoughts on Grav Labs Chillums Review & Where to Buy

While the bowl on the Helix chillum is shallower than those on most other chillums, the Helix provides an efficient pack, allowing for several hits from a single pack.

You should be able to find the Helix chillum in nearly any smoke shop in the country, and at such a low price point with such high functionality, this is a good addition to your collection of glass pieces.

Grav Labs is constantly innovating the industry with new and exciting pieces and campaigns.

Keep up with them, and order your Helix and Grav Labs chillums from the website, and be sure to follow them on Instagram to be among the first to know of the latest and greatest products hitting the market.

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grav labs chillums review