Founded in 2004,  Grav Labs is located in Austin, Texas, with about 30 glassblowers to produce high-quality scientific glass. Grav Labs prides itself on stylish, affordable, high-quality, functional glass.

Grav Labs Sherlock has a sleek, unique design.

There is an inverted cone ash catcher mouthpiece so nothing sucks thru into your mouth.

These Sherlock’s have a flat part on the bottom, so they can stand up, unlike other Sherlock’s that fall to the side when sat on a table.

Grav Labs Sherlock’s come in two sizes:
Large:  6inches 32mm borosilicate glass

Mini: 4in 24mm borosilicate glass

They come in many colors: pink, white, gold, amber, aqua, and much more.

All the Sherlock’s are etched with the Grav Labs Logo.

grav labs sherlock review

I have the Mini, 4in Sherlock, made of 24mm jade white glass.

I really enjoy that I can set it down without worrying about it falling over and clanking on something.

The ash catcher mouthpiece works amazingly, I have an issue with sucking thru, now no more yuck in my mouth.

I also like that the bowl head does not get hot, yes it gets slightly warm, but when you have pipes that get really hot, the Grav Sherlock is a nice change.

grav labs sherlock review

The Grav Labs Sherlock’s can be purchased on the Grav website for $19.99

Grav Labs can be found on Facebook

Grav Labs can be found on Instagram @GravLabs

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