There are two types of people in this world.

Those who want to keep their cannabis fresh in a premium container and those who let their cannabis deteriorate in a plastic sandwich bag.

I choose the latter and if you’re looking for one of the best ways to keep your cannabis fresh, keep reading.

Why Your Cannabis Jar Needs A Vacuum Seal

I don’t care what anyone says, your weed tastes better and lasts longer if stored in a vacuum-sealed container.

The long-term potency and freshness of your cannabis will depend heavily on the way you store it.

The two elements that will deteriorate your cannabis quickly are light and oxygen.

Blocking out light and oxygen that breaks down cannabis can ensure you’re not compromising the quality or shelf life.

Having an airtight seal also contributes to making your stash jar smell-proof.

The Staze vacuum seal jar accomplishes all of these important requirements with the bonus of a minimal and aesthetic design.

staze weed jar

Before we take a deeper look at the Staze features, aesthetic design, activated carbon filter, and vacuum-sealing technology let me briefly tell you what a vacuum-sealed jar is.

What is a Vacuum-Sealed Jar?

A vacuum-sealed jar is a container that allows you to create an air-tight seal once closed so the contents of the jar stay fresh longer.

This type of vacuum sealing technology is often used for items like coffee and perishable foods but now it has made its way to the cannabis industry.

This is a good thing because cannabis is a plant and does require a special type of environment in order to stay fresh.

The Staze vacuum seal jar takes this idea even further with its unique one-way air valve that removes air ultimately extending the shelf life.

The average container you find at your local head shop or an online head shop will not have a completely air-tight seal or any odor-protective barrier.

How Does the Staze Jar Work?

The functionality of the Staze vacuum seal jar is truly innovative.

I’ve owned over 50 different types of storage containers and have never seen anything like it.

The cap of the jar has a built-in vacuum pump.

This is a unique feature that really makes this stash jar stand out from the crowd.

Most vacuum-sealed jars in the cannabis industry either utilize a secondary device for pumping the air out of an inner lid to force air out.

The Staze Jar also has an air removal indicator that motion activates a clicking noise to let you know when it’s completely sealed.

The seal is created by reduced air pressure when the air is forced out of the vent located at the top of the cap.

how does staze weed jar work

How to Use The Staze Vacuum Seal Cap

Step 1: Open the Staze vacuum seal container by lightly pressing down on the cap and turning it counterclockwise.

Step 2: Fill the Staze jar with up to 8 grams of your favorite cannabis.

Step 3: Lightly push down the cap and turn clockwise to close and lock the Staze Jar.

Step 4: To achieve an airtight vacuum seal pull up and push down on the cap until the air removal indicator makes a clicking noise.

Now your cannabis is stored properly with a completely air-tight seal.

The Staze Vacuum Seal Jar Has Style!

When you think of a cannabis stash jar, you probably imagine the typical glass mason jar.

The Staze jar is unmatched when it comes to its perfectly crafted sleek and minimal design.

You get a “Kanye West” design feel when you see the Staze Jar because of this minimal design and the color tones used.

You get the option of green, blue, and purple.

My favorite is purple.

staze vacuum seal weed jar has style

The Staze vacuum seal jar has a minimal design specifically created to fit perfectly in your hand.

It’s ultra-portable and comes with the added functionality of a comfortable grip around the entire outside of the jar.

It makes it really easy to open and unlikely that it will ever slip out of your hands.

The cap has a slightly softer feel to it and gives the design a nice contrast of materials.

The most common comment about the Staze vacuum seal jar has been how aesthetically pleasing it is and that people have never seen anything like it.

Staze Smell Proof Technology

The most common question you’ll see online is if the container you’re about to buy is smell-proof.

Let me alleviate your fears and confirm that the Staze vacuum seal jar is in fact smell proof.

To make it smell-proof there is an activated carbon filter in the cap which allows air to pass through while creating an odor-protective barrier.

staze weed jar with smell-proof technology

Where Can You Buy The Staze Vacuum Seal Jar?

Because the Staze vacuum seal container is a newer product on the market, the best place to buy it is directly from the Staze website.

Buy the Staze Vacuum Seal Weed Jar with smell-proof technology.

As Staze gets more distribution and starts to become available on the best online head shops we will update this section so you can shop at your favorite retailer.

Is The Staze Cannabis Container Worth Buying?

The Staze has all of the features anyone would want.

  • It’s the perfect size
  • Uses FDA approved materials
  • It’s 100% smell-proof
  • Has a unique vacuum pump to give it an airtight seal
  • It’s durable
  • Has a unique minimal aesthetic design
  • Great gift for cannabis connoisseurs

I really see no reason why you wouldn’t own at least one of these beautiful, perfectly crafted cannabis containers.

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