The Prima vaporizer is the newest edition to the product line over at Vapir, one of the most trusted and long-standing vaporizer companies in the industry.

Over the past 8 years, Vapir has brought to market some of the most quality portable and non-portable vaporizers, specializing in conduction and convention-style vaping.

If you’re not familiar, conduction and convection vaporizer pens aren’t like the generic vape pens that simply burn your flowers with a coil, these vape pens use either hot air or low temp direct contact vaping, giving you ultimate flavor.

The Prima vaporizer has been one of the most highly anticipated vapes to hit the market in 2015 and was even voted the best of the year by many reputable reviewers around the web.

We were excited to be one of the first to use the vape and have come away thoroughly impressed.

Style and Portability

When we first opened up the Prima, we were immediately impressed with the sleek style of the vape.

Smaller than a cell phone but extremely sturdy, you could tell the pen was engineered with precision.

My first concern was all the moving parts which include a removable mouthpiece, stainless steel pipe, loading chamber, battery, and cap; however, even after a month of usage, nothing is loose or falling apart.

The removable battery was very interesting to me, it comes with its own charging stand that allows you to safely store your vape while the battery charges.

This is actually important because many times, generic vape pens and even custom high-end vape pens don’t have a removable battery which causes you to set it to charge laying in awkward positions, possibly scratching or scuffing your vape.

prima vaporizer

The removable stainless steel pipe, which runs from the mouthpiece to the loading chamber, is a huge plus giving you the opportunity to thoroughly clean the air passage to maintain the flavorful experience you have when vaping.

Without this removable pipe, you would end up having a stale taste long-term when using.

If you try to clean a non-removable air passage, you run a risk of damaging your vape. On top of that, they provide a cleaning brush that actually can stay lodged in the pipe while not in use, to further maintain the cleanliness of your vape.

How Does The Prima Vaporizer Perform?

After getting over the fancy style, my biggest question was whether or not the performance would be up to my standard.

I really am not the biggest fan of vaporizers, rather roll a joint or use a glass pipe but I came away impressed. Admittedly, it did come with a learning curve but I think I have finally dialed in the perfect settings. When packed tightly, you can draw significant clouds which made me very happy.

The taste was pretty amazing, due to the conduction-style chamber which does not burn the flower and mostly vapes the trichomes and good stuff that sits on top of the buds.

With a fully packed chamber, you can expect about 10-15 good pulls before you can taste a flavor drop-off and eventually not produce much of a cloud.

Temperature-wise I always start off on the 3rd setting, which starts at about 380F and I eventually move to the hottest setting which reaches about 400F. Moving from lower temps to higher temps slowly can increase the number of puffs you can get out of one pack.

I’d say you could pack about a pinch, or like .3 into the chamber.

If you think about that, you definitely get more pulls off the Prima Vaporizer than you would with the same amount of bud in a pipe or rolled.

This can sometimes be the benefit of dry herb vaporizer pens.

The Prima also can be used for concentrates however I did not feel like I got the same results as I did with flowers.

This was not a big deal for me as I would rather dab concentrates anyway.

Using my concentrates seems a bit wasteful in the Prima however it can be a nice alternative to dabbing if you do not have all the proper tools.

I just would not expect the big hit feeling you get from dabbing off a traditional rig and nail.

prima vaporizer

Vapir and The Prima Vaporizer Earn HotBox Approved Status

When speaking with the team at Vapir, they really wanted us to consider their new product for HotBox Approval which made us have to look closely at the company and the products they carry.

HotBox Approval, as you know, does not mean the product is the best out or better than the next vaporizer.

What we concentrate on are two things; How safe is this product and is the customer service on point.

After doing extensive research on the product and searching the web for feedback on Vapir as a company we came away very impressed. Many of the top review sites and top posters on reputable message forums like have high regard for Vapir and the products they have created in the past and present.

Many spoke of how the company has been around since the beginning of the vaporizer craze and has brought several quality products to the table. Vapir’s reputation is what has driven the Prima Vaporizer to be so highly anticipated by vaporizer enthusiasts and reviewers.

Seemed like everyone couldn’t wait to get their hands on this product.

Due to reputation, the quality of the Prima Vaporizer, and the strong customer service we are confident that if you purchase this product you will be satisfied.

If you are not, their customer service, warranty program, and returns policy will be more than enough to make sure any problems are fixed.

The Prima vaporizer is officially HotBox Approved and we are extremely excited to add them to the list of the most reputable and trusted companies in the entire industry.

Buy with confidence!

So now that you are ready to buy your Prima Vaporizer, go ahead and jump over to and navigate to the Prima section and grab your today. The price is $259 which is right in line with other high-end vaporizers on the market.

I believe it is worth every penny.