Chameleon Glass is an American Glass company located in Phoenix Arizona, they have been around for over 20 years. Bringing you hand blown works of functional glass art in many shapes, sizes, colors, and themes. Well everyone, Chameleon Glass has done it again!

For years you may have seen that blurry blue coffee mug that is also a pipe….Yep, that’s right, NEW from Chameleon Glass Coffee Mug! Finally you can wake and bake, drinking your coffee, all in one piece! Make this your work or weekend piece, get one to leave out for Santa at Christmas time!

The Chameleon Glass Coffee Mug is made from  100% Pyrex glass, with a fully functioning bowl in the base, and a mouth piece at the handle.
You can get the Chameleon Glass customized as requested. Change the color, bowl size, have it sandblasted, add your name or some swirls and dots, the possibilities are endless, and up to you!

Chameleon Glass Coffee Mug

You can purchase your own Chameleon Glass Coffee Mug from their website for $132.75 – Using code SBK will save you 10%.

Be sure to check out the Chameleon Glass website for all of their products.
Be sure to “like” their Facebook and “follow” @ChameleonGlass on Instagram to keep up to date on everything they have to offer.

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