Chameleon GlassWakeNBakeCoffeeMug2 is an American glass company located in Phoenix, Arizona, they have been around for over 20 years and are always looking to bring you the most innovative products.

We’re going to take a closer look at Chameleon Glass’ Wake N Bake Coffee Mug. We’ve all seen that photo online, the blurry green clay bowl and coffee mug, well Chameleon Glass has made their own version! (Possibly, an even better version!)  This coffee mug is made of 100% Pyrex, there is a bowl head at the base with a rush hole, and your mouthpiece is at the end of the handle. You can request that your Wake N Bake Coffee Mug be customized also. This means choosing colors, the Chameleon Glass logo or other words etched into the glass, choosing which side the rush and handle is on, ect.

The first thing we noticed about this Chameleon Glass piece is the style and overall look of the mug. The Chameleon Glass Wake N Bake Coffee Mug is just as thick, if not thicker than most coffee mugs out there.  This even includes the handle, which in some coffee mugs can lack in thickness. There is a very decent-sized bowl head on this mug, perfect for a full wake and bake session. The fact that you can smoke and drink, all in one place, is very convenient.

The smoke fills up the base of the Wake N Bake Mug, there is no mixing drink with your smoke, as this is a bowl, not a water pipe. We highly suggest you start out with small hits, as this mug packs a huge punch! A fact we enjoyed about this mug is that it actually holds enough liquid for an entire smoking session. Great for hot coffee or ice-cold drinks!

You can purchase a Chameleon Glass Wake N Bake Coffee Mug here for $132.75. If you use code SBK you will save 10% on your order!

Be sure to check out the Chameleon Glass Website as there is a piece for everyone there. Also give @ChameleonGlass a follow on Instagram to keep up with new products, and giveaways.