They say smoking weed can make you more creative, would you agree?

Imagine rolling a fat doobie and being able to safely draw on it, what would you put?

doobie doodlers new years joint

doobie doodlers new years joint

Let me introduce you to Doobie Doodlers! They are a food-grade, non-toxic set of markers so that you can decorate your joints, spliffs and doobies for any occasion.

Are you a Doodler?

While not all of us are great artists, we all like to have fun and doodle every once in a while. If you are going to do it, might as well doodle on a doobie!

With a slogan like “When art becomes a joint effort” you know the team at Doobie Doodlers has a sense of humor and so do their customers.

Their customers have been drawing things Valentine’s Day-inspired notes to their significant other, Nintendo controllers, showing off their team pride with sports logos, and much more.

Check out a couple of creative joints we found on the Doobie Doodlers Instagram.

doobie doodlers batman joint

doobie doodlers batman joint

doobie doodlers batman joint

doobie doodlers batman joint

What Colors Are Available?

So just to be clear, the Doobie Doodlers is essentially a pack of colored markers. What makes them unique is that the ink in the markers is FDA compliant food-grade ink.

The pack comes in 6 colors; blue, black, green, yellow, red and pink.

doobie doodlers 6 pack of markers

doobie doodlers 6 pack of markers

How Do You Know The Ink Is Safe to Smoke?

Because our reader’s safety is our number one priority, we wanted to take a deeper look at the health risks with smoking ink from food-grade markers.

Unfortunately, Doobie Doodlers does not have a website so it is difficult to find any legal paperwork from the FDA or any proof of the contents of the ink. However, what we did find is information on edible ink and if it is safe or not.

If we assume Doobie Doodlers markers are indeed what they say they are (food-grade ink), it should be perfectly safe to inhale a joint that has food-grade ink on it.

From the blog of Kao Collins, a USA based manufacturer of industrial inks:

the first thing to understand is that there is no “FDA Approved Ink.”

This is an interesting statement and if we look at Doobie Doodler’s Instagram profile, it clearly states that the product is “FDA compliant”. That is different from FDA Approved, so no lies here.

doobie doodlers instagram profile

doobie doodlers Instagram profile

We also found an article from Ink Edibles, a USA-based company that actually sells edible inks to consumers, that claims edible markers are actually safe. Check out the article here to read for yourself.

Where Can You Buy Doobie Doodlers?

The best place to buy Doobie Doodlers seems to be Amazon. They run about $10 and ship fast with Amazon Prime.