RAW rolling papers is an amazing brand.

It is a brand for those who want an all-natural smoke.

RAW rolling papers are natural, unrefined, and have a natural hemp gum lick pad.

Because RAW is less processed, they give off a light brown, almost see-thru color.

RAW Rolling Papers Sizes

RAWs come in

What I like the most about RAW is that they are natural.

I love the color of the paper.

The way RAW rolling papers smoke is amazing, there is never any boating or runs, and it burns even and smooth.

Even tho the papers are thin, they burn mighty slow and offer a smooth consistent hit.

One thing you need to remember with RAW is to not over-lick the gum pad.

The gum is sensitive, I suggest you wet your finger & run that across the gum pad.

After it is rolled, then you can lick it more if it needs to be.

raw rolling papers

The only RAW rolling papers I have tried are the 1 ¼ size and the KingSize Supreme.

The KingSize Supremes are about the same size as a blunt.

For a big smoke session, or maybe a personal all-day joint.

They do not have a crease fold, you can do that yourself to determine how much you want in it.

I have found that with my small hands, the KingSize is a little tricky to roll, but it is still doable.

The 1 ¼ size are normal-sized papers, good for daily smokes.

The 1 ¼ RAWs are also an easy roll, the papers fit a LOT more than you think they can.

I would recommend RAW to everyone, they are by far one of my all-time favorite papers.

Another interesting thing about RAW that many do not know is The RAW Foundation.

The Raw Foundation does water well projects, in places such as Ethiopia.

They saved lives and improved more too.

They also repaired 13 water wells in Uganda.

The best part of this is, by buying RAW products you are helping fund the RAW FOUNDATION which helps make the world a better place!

RAW Rolling Papers Benefits:

1. Natural, unrefined papers
2. Clean burning
3. Vast selection of products
4. RAW Foundation