The options in today’s market for rolling papers are vast and the choices limitless.

There are flavored papers, slow burning, colorful, and the list goes on and on, but where did it all start?

Which paper brand paved the way for all these amazing papers now?

Not sure?

Thats ok because I’m going to tell you.

The very firs rolling brand was Pay-Pay Rolling Papers.

Pay-Pay is the oldest cigarette rolling paper brand in the world!

These rolling papers were originally traded by Spanish sailors for goods, such as cotton and tobacco.

This is the earliest recorded event of paper entering North America.

These awesome papers have been available for more than 300 years, and are still being made in Alcoy, Spain, using 100% pure hemp and a sugar-based glue.

Trying Pay-Pay papers is like smoking a little piece of history and it doesnt get any cooler than that, and that boys and girls is a bit of history on the first brand of rolling papers!