Garcia Vega Game Cigars

Game Cigars by Garcia Vega are one of the most popular brands in the United States, since their release in 2007.  Game Cigars have nature wrappers, and are slow burning. Game comes in flavors of;  wine, grape, peach, vanilla, white grape, and green. Green flavor has a natural taste & aroma, slightly less of a taste than the other flavors. Game are usually called by their color, peach being orange, wine being red, ect. White Grape tho, is always called white grape, not to get confused with normal Green. Not only do Garcia Vega Games come in full size, they also come in cigarillos for those who want a smaller smoke, but still a slow burn.

I have been using Game Cigars since they came out. I prefer them over everything.  Dutches & Swishers, to me burn to quickly, and where I live, they are all stale. White Owls are good, for personal smokes, but they still burn quick, and you cannot pack as much in as you would be able to a Game.  Depending on how you roll your game, will depend on the smoke. I straight cut the blunt down the middle. I do no mummy wrap, because it seems to not burn as well as straight cut. Depending on your roll game, you can fit a large amount into a full-size game cigar.  The one in the photo below, burned for a good hour, between 2 people.

1. Slow burning
2. Full size & cigarillo size
3. Different flavors

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