Compton Grinders is making a lot of big moves as of late.

Compton Grinders is already known for their 2-Piece and 4-Piece weed grinders which come in 4 Vibrant colors.

After already announcing their soon-to-be-released Pollen Press, they are now joining forces with Stickler Ashtrays for a dope ashtray collaboration!

If you didn’t already know, Stickler Ashtray is an ashtray built from aircraft aluminum so that it will never crack, break or melt!

We use it every day here at HotBox, as it is the most durable ashtray we have tested yet.

It also comes with a de-bowler-type tool that stands in the middle of the ashtray and can be used to clean your bowl or pack in a joint.

Check out the photos below and go follow both companies on Instagram @ComptonGrinders and also @SticklerAshtrays


photo-11 photo-32