HerbSaver, produced in Chicago, IL, is now in its second iteration (Herb Saver 2.0) of its functional and widely popular hybrid grinder and storage container.

We reviewed the original HerbSaver last year and fell in love with the convenience of the all-in-one design.

So much, in fact, that we still use it to this day.

herb saver 2

Herb Saver 2.0: What’s New?

Every feature of the HerbSaver 1.0 was tweaked for the HerbSaver 2.0.

The easiest to notice off the bat is the change in the plastic compound used for the product.

The HerbSaver 2.0 is now an even thicker medical grade polypropylene (PP) plastic, allowing for more secure threading and a more durable feel.

They’ve also come out with a few new unique colorways as well, my favorite being the sparkly flecked line.

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Upgrades to the Grinder

The original HerbSaver utilized a “cap” system for its grinder, meaning the user had to snap the lid onto the top of the grinder and pop it back off.

To be honest, I was constantly afraid of popping the top off too hard and having bud fly everywhere.

Now featuring a magnet to hold the top on like most conventional metal grinders, the action, and function of the HerbSaver have improved greatly.

The magnet is strong enough to hold the top of the Herb Saver on tight, so don’t worry about losing a thing.

herb saver 2 review

Finer Micron for Sifting & Storage

The sifting screen at the bottom of the HerbSaver has also been updated to a finer micron, making for more refined kief catching.

It’s also held in a little better than the first edition of the HerbSaver, as well.

The HerbSaver 2.0 now also comes with a sifting tool, a nice added bonus to this already jam-packed container.

Aesthetically, the new colorways are the main difference you’ll see between the HerbSaver 1 and 2, but once you crack these babies open you’ll understand the much-needed internal facelift.

Updates and innovations like these keep our favorite products fresh, exciting, and with the times, so kudos to HerbSaver for taking the initiative to step their game up.

Want one for yourself?

Buy the Herb Saver here for just $19.99!