One of the popular growing glass companies is Grav Labs.

This informative article will give you the background on Grav Labs.

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Founded in 2004, Grav Labs is located in Austin, Texas, with about 30 glass blowers to produce high-quality scientific glass.

Grav Labs prides itself on stylish, affordable, high-quality, functional glass.

Grav Labs has designed some of the well-known names in the glass industry.

Such as; Helix, STAX, and Gravitron.

Grav Labs also has a special edition line of glass known as Grav Labs Gold Line.

Grav Labs can be found on Facebook

Grav Labs can be found on Instagram @GravLabs

about grav labs gravitron
The XL Gravitron can be purchased for $99.00

The Helix Chillum can be purchased for $25.99

about grav labs stax

Depending on which STAX product, they range in price, starting at $70