The importance of authenticity when it comes to ROOR glass cannot be overstated.

Purchasing an authentic ROOR bong ensures that you are getting a high-quality product that will provide the best smoking experience, uses the best materials, and has expert craftsmanship.

You also don’t want to get ripped off and pay a premium price for fake ROOR glass bongs.

I bought my first ROOR Classic Beaker Glass Bong around 2005 and have owned several since then.

With that experience, I want to share with you the 6 ways in which you can avoid being scammed into buying a counterfeit ROOR Bong.

The Prevalence of Fake ROOR Glass Bongs and Why It Matters

Fake ROOR glass bongs are widespread due to the popularity of the brand and the high demand for their products.

The spread of counterfeit products is a concern as fake ROOR bongs can be dangerous and pose health risks to users.

These bongs are likely made from low-quality glass, can contain harmful chemicals, or be prone to breaking, which can result in injury.

The selling of fake ROOR bongs also weakens the brand’s reputation and causes financial harm to the company.

This can make it more likely that the government will start to make rules and regulations to try and stop people from buying or selling these fake bongs.

It is crucial to be vigilant when purchasing smoking accessories to ensure the products are safe and of high quality.

Use my guide below to guarantee your current or future purchase is a real ROOR Glass Bong.

6 Ways to Authenticate ROOR Bongs: How to Spot a Fake and Protect Yourself

Run thru the checklist below to make sure you own or are buying a legit ROOR Glass Bong:

1. Check The Signature

All ROOR Glass Bongs come with a signature unless it is a ROOR Tech piece.

ROOR beaker glass bong signature of authenticity

While most people think the signature is signed by the artist that made the bongs it is actually an indicator of the specs for each pipe.

here are some additional things to look at with the signature:

  • The side on which the signature is displayed is not a factor.
  • The position doesn’t matter unless it is close to the joint or located above the neck of the glass bong.
  • There should only be 2 dots, if there are more or less it is likely fake

2. Check The Logo

A dead giveaway that you are buying a fake ROOR Bong can be the use of the Logo.

Real ROOR logo vs fake ROOR glass bongs logo

Pay attention to these factors when observing the ROOR Logo:

  • There should be a registered trademark (®) symbol on the logo
  • The color doesn’t matter, ROOR’s come in many different colors
  • The logo shouldn’t go past the ice pinch or cover up the percs
  • The second “R” should face left

2. Observe the Ice Catcher

If there aren’t exactly 3 ice notches on your ROOR then it is a fake ROOR glass bongs.

They should also be positioned more toward the bottom 3rd of the neck of the bong, if it is too high up, it is likely one of many fake ROOR Glass Bongs.

3. ROOR Tech Has Percs

ROOR Tech with always have percs but you’ll notice a fake if the bong just says ROOR (without the tech) yet still has percs.

ROOR Tech glass example for how to spot a fake ROOR glass bongs

4. ROOR Glass is Heavier

ROOR Glass is made with thick glass from Germany known as German Schott Glass and comes in 4 thickness variations:

  • 3.2mm
  • 5mm
  • 7mm
  • 4.2mm

Because ROOR glass is thick, it should always be a little heavier than normal.

The glass is also high-quality and should have a very polished finish.

5. Scan the Authentication seal

If your ROOR Glass didn’t come with an authentication seal it is definitely a fake ROOR glass bong.

ROOR glass bong authentication seal QR Code

The authentication has a QR Code you can scan to verify the authenticity in addition to a security code you can enter into their online authenticator, which you can find here.

screenshot of ROOR online authenticator to identify fake ROOR glass bongs

What to Do If You Spot a Retailer Selling Fake ROOR Bongs

If you spot a fake ROOR bong, you should report it to the manufacturer or authorized dealer immediately.

To report a retailer selling fake ROOR glass bongs, the following steps can be taken:

  • Collect evidence: Take clear pictures of the fake ROOR bong, including the logo, packaging, and any other identifying features. Also, take note of the name and location of the retailer selling the fake bong.
  • Contact ROOR: Reach out to ROOR customer service or email them with the evidence you collected. Use the form on the ROOR Contact page to reach customer service.
  • Leave a review: Leaving a review on the retailer’s website, Google Business Profile, or social media platforms can help warn others about the fake products being sold.

Where Can You Buy Real ROOR Glass From Authorized Dealers?

You can find Authentic ROOR Glass at all of the retailers on our Top 5 Online Head Shops list.

In addition, currently has the best selection at the best prices online as of this writing.

Check them out ASAP to see if they still have their monster sales going on.

They are a great retailer with a squeaky-clean reputation and some of the best customer service you will find.