Nearly everyone who smokes cannabis has either smoked out of or has heard of RooR Glass.

While all stoners may be familiar with the brand, how many know the story behind their iconic glass bongs?

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When did ROOR Glass Start Making Glass Bongs?

ROOR Glass, a German company, was founded by artisan Martin Birzle in 1995. The mission of RooR has always been to offer a premium smoking experience by meeting the highest levels of workmanship and materials.

Martin Birzle founder Roor Glass

Martin Birzle is an expert glassblower who has helped pioneer many innovations such as the anti-rolling system, ice notches, and diffusers. Martin also has devoted himself to never manufacturing mass products, but create art objects. His philosophy: highest quality and best functionality with an individual and appealing design.

How Did They Come up with the “ROOR” Name?

Martin Birzle, the founder of RooR Glass, was inspired by the word micro-organism which has the word “roor” in the middle of it. It also shows similarities to the German word “rohr”, which means pipe.

RooR Logo

ROOR is also a palindrome, which is pretty cool!

What Type of Glass is ROOR Glass Bongs Made of?

All ROOR Glass bongs are of high quality and are blown from premium German Schott Duran Pyrex, also known as borosilicate glass (boro).

Borosilicate glass, or sometimes called ‘boro’, is a type of glass that contains boron trioxide which allows for a very low coefficient of thermal expansion. This means it will not crack under extreme temperature changes like regular glass.

Where are ROOR Bongs Made?

Roor Glass is manufactured in both Germany and through a partnership with glassblowing company Dementia, which is located in Southern California.

What Makes ROOR Glass So Special?

The key to ROOR’s success, besides their iconic chemistry lab look, is the perfect balance between volume and water ratio. This is why weed smokers around the world believe ROOR Bongs have the smoothest hits out of all the premium glassmakers.

ROOR also innovated the glass bong by adding ice notches (or also called ice pinches) which allows your bong to hold ice cubes and cool your smoke before it hits your lungs. This is commonly called an “ice catchers” today and many bong companies now use this technique to this day.

ROOR is also the creator of the diffuser-like design you see on bong-down stems. This technique separates cannabis smoke into small bubbles, creating a smooth smoking experience. This is also used by many in the industry as well.

RooR Glass bong down-stem diffuser

Where Can I Buy ROOR Glass Bongs?

The best place to buy ROOR Glass bongs and accessories is from the online head shop They have fast shipping, A+ customer service, and are an official authorized dealer of ROOR products. was also featured in our Top 5 Online Smoke Shops article.

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Another great online head shop to find ROOR Glass is Grasscity. You can get 30% off your next ROOR purchase by using this link.

What Makes ROOR Bongs So Expensive?

ROOR Bongs are so expensive because of the quality of the glass (premium German Schott Duran Pyrex) and the quality of the craftsmanship.

Cheaper bongs are typically made from lower quality glass that when held side by side, are clearly less thick and weigh far less. While all glass is breakable, a thick glass by RooR is far more durable than a Chinese-made cheap bong (usually under $100).

If you want an unbreakable glass bong, check out our recent article on Tank Glass! Very affordable and almost impossible to break!

We even have an article about unbreakable bowls for your bong as well!

Is Your ROOR Bong Fake?

Unfortunately, due to their popularity, there are a lot of fake ROOR Bongs for sale out there. How can you tell if your piece is an authentic ROOR bong or is a counterfeit?

First, all authentic ROOR Bongs should have come with an Authentication Seal attached to the tube. You can check the serial number of this seal using ROOR’s Athentication Tool.

But what if your ROOR bong did not come with an Authentication Seal? This might be the case if you are buying it second-hand from a friend or somewhere else.

Here are some key identifiers for counterfeit ROOR Bongs:

  • Make sure the bottom of the Rs are facing left
  • The ROOR logo should have a trademark symbol
  • The logo shouldn’t go past the ice notches or cover up any perc
  • It should only have 3 ice notches, many fakes have 4
  • It should feel somewhat heavy since Roor uses thick glass

Does ROOR Make Other Glass Products?

ROOR does, in fact, make more than just glass bongs. They have products such as rolling papers, glass rolling tips, glass cleaner, and ashtrays.

Check out our review of ROOR Rolling Papers. These are some of my favorite rolling papers!

You can find all of their glass accessories, apparel, and more directly in their online shop.

ROOR Collabs

ROOR has collaborated with some of the most renowned glassblowing artists in the world.

Here are some recent ones:

  • Mike frow
  • Eusheen Goines
  • Hops
  • Drizzl
  • Johnny Rise
  • Howard Marks
  • Bernd Weinmayer

Check out this most recent collaboration with Nish Jajal and Jared Toner on the “Magnificent Micros Collab”.

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