Roor, widely known in the smoking community as one of the industries top producers of high end glass bongs, pipes and smoking accessories, has finally broken into the world of rolling papers. Based in Germany, innovators of the water pipe and one of the most well-known producers of scientifically imagined glass pieces, Roor realized the market was prime for an amazing rolling paper made by an outstanding company. So, they finally decided to meet the demand for a clean burning, tasteless paper.


It is a little known fact that Roor is producing papers. So, let’s learn a little more about these outstanding little beauties. Manufactured in the Czech Republic, Roor rolling papers are produced using 100% hemp fiber and flax. The papers feature a thin line of natural Arabic gum to round out an all natural paper, made with only the finest of natural ingredients. Each pack contains fifty, one and a quarter inch, ultra-premium rolling papers. Each paper burns even and slow, allowing for a long and enjoyable smoking experience. You will really be able to enjoy the flavor of the flower itself, due to the nearly tasteless paper. The Roor papers have almost no taste.


Roor has given us a thin, nearly see through paper. These almost transparent papers have quickly become a top favorite around the HotBox Headquarters. Roor papers have risen through the ranks of all the rolling papers we’ve tried, to become one of the Top 2 Most Rolled Papers in the Hot Box offices.  We highly recommend trying out these fantastic little papers. A good smoke session with Roor will surely leave you smiling, as it will be a nice, long burning, smooth experience.

You can connect with Roor through their website and follow them on Instagram @roorglass to keep up with all of the newest designs and innovations.

You can get your own supply of Roor rolling papers direct from, where you can fulfill all of your paper needs! Follow RPD on Instagram @rpdepot for special deals and featured products.

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