If you pay attention to glass blowing and the industry, you might notice that there is a glass piece for every personality and preference. Everything from heady to scientific all the way to cartoon characters and space goblins.

One piece that recently stood out to me because of my love for basketball, the “Dunk-N-Dab” rig from Stevie Boy Glass, is the perfect piece for all those basketball fans out there!

So what made Stevie Boy create this awesome piece of functional art?

“This piece is inspired by my love for the streets and graffiti.” Stevie told us, “I came from the streets and always remember that….. And with all the homies who dab tough here in Humboldt County and constantly playing basketball, I knew I had to make the ‘Dunk-N-Dab’!”

The Dunk-N-Dab Rig features a natural perk in the base and a 4-hole perk in the middle chamber from what we are told rumbles like crazy!

“They call me Stevie “boy”, so I’m always trying to turn everything into a game. I started torching over 12 years ago but took a huge break and got stuck in the growing game. Once dabs and rigs came on the scene, I knew I could kill it and had to get back on track.” And now Stevie Boy has been torching for the past two years.

So what do you think of the rig?

I can picture someone taking a worm and dropping it through the hoop for a nice dunk! If you like this piece, definitely follow Stevie Boy Glass on Instagram @StevieBoy707_glass and if you are lucky, this rig might still be available.