Heads up for yet another amazing and talented class artist! Introducing Squirrel Glass. Squirrel’s glass is nothing short of talent, with his whimsical use of color and great eye for attention to detail, Squirrel glass make an awesome addition to any glass collection. Squirrel is based in Florida and “is looking to share anything and everything he makes, with those who are interested.”

Squirrel Glass Facebook   

10748427_743497389069624_1110636017_n squirrelglass1

Squirrel is very dedicated to making quality glass for you to enjoy so be sure to check him out on his Dope Facebook and Instagram. From pendants to bowls, with squirrel glass there are so many design possibilities the only way to understand would be to go and check him out! For now here are just a few pictures of some awesome pieces by Squirrel.

squirrelglass2 squirrelglass3

All sales inquiries can be sent via Instagram, Facebook or Kik.

Username: Squirrelglass

That’s all for now everyone!! More Details on Squirrel Glass Coming Soon!

Stay Blazed and Squirrel On!

Millie W