If you’re a fan of trippy designs and a vibrant flare to your glass, then Sherm Glass is the place for you to be looking.

Sherm has been blowing glass for 9 years and he’s still going strong.

Sherm also received his BFA in Glass from Massachusetts College of art and design.

Sherm really focused on making furnace glass art such as vases, bowls, goblets, cups, and more.

It is only in the past 4 years or so is when he began focusing more on his borosilicate work and the proof is in his work.

sherm-glass-hotbox-magazine sherm-glass-hotbox-magazine5

When I spoke to Sherm I asked him if he has a specific preference for style and he answered, “No I don’t have a specific signature mark. I’m constantly changing up what I’m making in order to keep it interesting and to experiment and to try new techniques.”

Sherm really likes to make mini tubes with a lot of line work, and he has a thing for using Opals.

A lot of pieces that are really popular with a lot of his fans include his really dope Travel Tubes and Pendant Rigs.

sherm-glass-hotbox-magazine2 sherm-glass-hotbox-magazine4

Sherm really showcases his talent with his intricate attention to detail in his designs.

As before mentioned he really likes to incorporate line work into glass art and it pays off.

There are endless possibilities of styles with Sherm Glass, he is a very talented glass artist so definitely go check him out on Instagram to get your very own Sherm Glass piece today.

All inquiries of purchase can be made via Instagram DM or Kik Message.