These Hempire rolling papers are great.

They are made from 100% all organic pure hemp.

Hempire also uses natural gum extracted from the rubber plant and is very ecologically friendly.

These ultra-thin papers are slow-burning and virtually tasteless when using a non-butane lighter. (Hempwick, Heated Coil Lighter, etc)

The difference was when I tried it with a butane lighter, it was only a small change, there was a real presence of flavor from the paper afterward.

The issue of ashing isn’t a problem with these papers, it’s more of a clump-type ash.

So even if you forget to ash it’s not going to just fall apart you still have a chance to make it to the ashtray!

The packaging is pretty cool too, it’s not the standard cardboard box.

It’s really smooth and sturdy so it’s great if you’re the type to carry your papers with you.

I know I am so it was a pleasant perk.

The burn itself was very clean and even and the paper sticks.

For example, some papers start to come apart towards the end of the joint, whereas these papers stay rolled to the very end!

Overall I was pleased in regards to my experience with Hempire rolling papers.

Hempire-rollingpapers-hotbox-001 Hempire-rolling-papers-hotbox-002 hempire-rolling-paper-hotbox