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Today we’re covering, Chameleon Glass Up Close. In particular, the Typhoon Classic.

The classic typhoon line of glass has a specially engineered air directors on each side of the hand pipe that causes the smoke to move in a vortex-like fashion in each chamber of the pipe.

The Chameleon Glass Typhoon Classic line allows smoke to travel up to 3 times the distance of a normal pipe, which in return means cooler smoke.

The Typhoon Classic line doesn’t end here, you can get an oil rig, a hand pipe, or even a water pipe that all include the vortex feature.

To see this feature in action and learn a bit more about Chameleon Glass Typhoon Classic please watch this video below.

You can purchase your very own Chameleon Glass Typhoon Classic Piece by visiting their website.

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That’s all for now.

Stay Blazed and Typhoon On!

Millie W

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This episode of HotBox Up Close covers the Chameleon Glass Typhoon hand pipe. Watch the episode and get all the details on this great product.

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