Compton Grinders are made in the USA, and come with a lifetime guarantee. Compton Grinders pride themselves in excellence, precision, and their products being second to none. They are the ultimate grinding tool. Their products are designed to feel better in your hands, work better, and last longer than any other product.

Compton Grinders already offer a 2 piece grinder, and now they have 4 piece grinder that comes in regular and small sized.

4 Piece Compton Grinders

The 4 piece Compton Grinders feature a Neodymium magnet. The strongest magnet available on the market.
These Compton Grinders are made from Aluminum that is aircraft grade. Featuring Teflon grade O-Rings. These rings make sure there is no metal on metal friction. These frictionless rings make rotating very easy and smooth.

4 piece Compton Grinders
These 4 piece Compton Grinders have a built in loading zone, so you never overload your grinder. This loading zone allows you to put in your flower with ease, without breaking it down or cramming it in. They contain diamond sharp teeth that maximize the cutting efficiency and are backed by a lifetime warranty. The pollen catcher bottom has a rounded bottom outer rim. This eliminates the problem of pollen gathering in that hard to remove space.
4 piece Compton Grinders
An amazing feature in the 4 piece Compton Grinders is a stainless steel locking ring. This interlocking ring, and removable screen system, make cleaning an ease. This is too easily allow you to replace/remove/clean your screen using the screen remover tool. The tool is included with your purchase.
4 piece Compton Grinders

The 4 piece Compton Grinders are $64.99 and come in four colors; Purple Passion, Herb Green, Blue, and Burnt Black.
4 piece Compton Grinders 4 piece Compton Grinders 4 piece Compton Grinders Compton Grinders


The 4 piece small Compton Grinders are $54.99 and come in four colors also; Steel Blue, Red, Burnt Black, and Gold.
4 piece Compton Grinders Compton Grinders Compton Grinders Compton Grinders


Compton Grinders don’t just make grinders. They also make ashtrays, and domeless nails.

Be sure to follow @ComptonGrinders on Instagram. View their website for their entire product line.

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