Looking to accessorize your glass pipe or water bong?

Not looking to spend too much cash on your next bong accessory?

We have just the products for you!

Surprisingly, for under $25 you can find some very useful and innovative products that will help deck out your glass pipe or bong.

Everything from replacement parts to products that help keep your expensive glass safe.

Check out our list below of 10 glass pipe accessories under $25 and let us know what products you will be grabbing or if we missed something.

Glass Pipe Accessories Under $25:

Replacement Downstem

We have all had that heartbreaking moment when we’re cleaning our water pipe and then get to our downstem and all of a sudden we drop it and it breaks.

Now we can’t even use the water pipe if we wanted to. Well, here is where having a replacement downstem comes in handy!

Get 10% off all downstems when you use this link to shop at its420somewhere.com with pricing starting at just $9.99!

replacement downstem


MooseLabs has created a great product for social smokers.

The MouthPeace is a water pipe accessory with a tapered design so that it fits on any water pipe.

It is made from platinum-cured, food-grade silicone, is dishwasher safe, and is even doctor-recommended.

What it does is create a physical barrier between you and the mouthpiece of the pipe you are about to smoke and all of the mouths that were on it before you.

If you are a health-conscious smoker and let’s face it, most of us are, then you will love the MouthPeace since its main purpose is to prevent illness and reduce the spread of germs.

This is a must-have accessory if you are always sharing pieces with your friends or if you love to go to an event where hundreds of people are sharing the same water pipe.

Imagine what you’re saving yourself from with a MouthPeace for just $12.99. Available in several colors to match your style.

glass pipe accessory

Quartz Banger

Dabbing low temp off of a quartz banger is a very enjoyable experience. The flavor is unmatched!

This is the perfect accessory to add to your favorite bong or rig.

You can get a quartz banger for as low as $19.99 plus a 10% discount from its420somewhere.com right now.

They come in both 14mm & 18mm sizes with your choice of male or female joint.

Not sure which size you need? Check out our guide for getting the right-sized bong bowl or banger.

quartz banger under 25$

Scorch Torch Dab Torch

Founded in Southern California, Scorch Torch is known as one of the best torches for heating your dab nail.

At $15.99 this is one of the best deals you can get when it comes to torches.

Many torches run around the $40 – $60 range, but it doesn’t need to be that way!

This particular Scorch Torch is just 4.5 inches tall but packs a major punch and is extremely durable!

Get an even deeper discount on this beauty by using this link for 10% off from its420somewhere.com and even get free shipping!

Scorch Torch under $25 GoldScorch Torch under $25 black

Bowl Band

The Bowl Band is a magnetic band that can hold your lighter or your dabber.

The Bowl Band is available in two sizes, small and large, and is made from an elastic that stretches to fit your piece.

Your lighter or dabber now has a permanent home on your glass.

No need to worry about looking for them anymore, especially when passing the glass piece around to your friends.

They are available for just $6.00 in any size and color.

Right now on Cannovations.com, you can buy two Bowl Bands and get one free!

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Toker Poker

The TokerPoker is a 3 in 1 accessory that goes on your lighter but works with your bowl.

It is a poker, tamper, and lighter designed to help you enjoy your smoke session.

If you are someone who prefers to light their bowl with hemp wick and skip the butane, don’t worry the TokerPoker can hold that too.

You can simply wrap it around the bottom, and the poker will keep it in place for you, so it won’t slide off.

They are available in several colors – black, green, gray, orange, purple, and blue – and they have new special edition ones – glow in the dark, bronze, silver, and Colorado flag.

The original colors are available for $7.95 and the special edition is available for $14.95.

You can get yours at TokerPoker.com.

toker poker in blue  toker poker with hempwick


The Kasher is a multipurpose tool for the smoker and even the nonsmoker.

For the smoker, it is primarily a poker, but you can use it to stir, clean, smash, and kash.

The Kasher is adjustable snugly over any Bic lighter and the Clipper lighter so you don’t need to carry a separate cleaning tool.

The original Kasher, the OG Kash, is made with stainless steel and has been upgraded to a thicker metal, for increased durability, since its debut.

Kasher has also created the new Kasher Titanium which includes a grade 2 titanium tip and it locks into lighter slots so it won’t move around while not in use.

They have a variety of colors available and start selling at $6.00. You can choose which colors you get or you can leave it up to them.

To get your 2 pack of Kashers today go to mykasher.com.

kasher original kasher bic lighter

Slide Right

Slide Right is the ultimate solution to preventing glass-on-glass joints from grinding.

Slide Right is made with a 100% all-natural custom wax blend. It is used to protect scientific slides and other glass joints.

It holds to secure your slide in place and helps it Slide Right when you are ready to pull.

It looks like a tube of chapstick and all you have to do is apply it to the entire male joint and twist the slide to coat both surfaces while inserting it.

One single tube is $3.99. You can purchase Slide Right at AquaLabTechnologies.

slide right 3 pack


Save-A-Bowl is a silicone band that wraps snugly around most glass pipes.

The purpose of Save-A-Bowl is to protect unsmoked and partially smoked bowls from spilling and can be transported safely in your pocket or your bag.

The silicone prevents it from sliding off any surface and is ideal if you are always on the go.

You can load now and smoke later and keep what is in the bowl in and what is outside of the bowl out!

Save-A-Bowl comes in a variety of colors and starts at just $5.00.

Go to SaveABowl.com and never worry about what is in your bowl again!

save a bowl silicone band in white

Bong Buddy

We all hate that moment when we’re getting ready to settle down with our favorite water pipe and then we have to spend precious time looking for our lighters.

Well, Bong Buddy has solved the problem.

They provide a retractable lighter leash to go on your water pipe.

It has a minimalist design, made with silicone so it is flexible enough to fit around any piece.

The people over at Bong Buddy also wanted to make sure it was safe for your piece and checked that it does not retract quickly enough to cause damage to your glass.

It is available in 4 colors – red, black, green, and purple.

You can get your Bong Buddy for the affordable price of $7.99, and never lose you’re lighter again!

bong buddy lighter leash  bong buddy