Smoking blunts is arguably the most common method stoners will use to consume cannabis.

Stoners love the taste of tobacco and the slow-burning when smoking traditional wraps and blunts.

While smokers understand the health risks of smoking tobacco, many are hesitant to make the switch to a natural blunt wrap alternative that doesn’t provide the same experience.

New alternatives are starting to show up in smoke shops worldwide ranging from CBD wraps to vegetable and banana rolling leaf wraps.

All hope to offer a safer alternative while replicating the blunt smoking experience.

One company is taking it a few levels beyond tobacco-free and has created a rolling weed in a banana peel leaf that is one of the safest and healthiest alternatives on the market.

Natives Original Banana Rolling Leaf

Los Angeles-based Natives is at the forefront of healthy blunt alternatives.

While watching a documentary about indigenous natives on the Islands of the Bahamas, the founders noticed that the natives of these islands were smoking herb using banana leafs straight off the tree.

This sparked an interest and got them researching to find banana leaf-based wraps to try for themselves.

natives banana rolling leaf

Everything from the leaf itself to the glue used for sticking the banana peel rolling paper blunt when rolling is 100% organic, vegan, non-GMO, and all-natural with no chemicals or tobacco.

This helps bring you the cleanest smoke possible without sacrificing the things you love about smoking blunt wraps.

Indigenous Natives around the world continue to live off the land and in harmony with nature. Our passion lies in reconnecting smokers with these customs through spreading good vibes and good ingredients in today’s modern world. – Natives

Rolling With Natives Banana Leaf

Clearly marked on Natives Banana Rolling Leaf packaging are instructions on how to best roll these leafs.

You should take these instructions literally in order to successfully roll them.

Being conservative with your saliva when licking the glue is a must.

You should treat these leafs as you would a joint, where you barely have to get it wet for it to stick.

While rolling up with Natives I definitely saw exactly what they meant since I did indeed lick the leaf a little too much.

I was still able to salvage the blunt and manage a great roll nonetheless.

natives banana rolling leaf

When opening the packaging, you notice each leaf is neatly wrapped with a parchment paper-like sheet while also having a straw in the middle to hold its shape.

One thing I noticed about the leaf I rolled was it seemed dry, though even with rough handling it did not break.

My first instinct was to lick the leaf a bit to moisten it but was trying to keep it from getting the leaf too wet, as instructed.

It could just be the texture of the banana leaves as in the end it did not tear or break.

I also felt the wrap was pretty large and required a good amount of bud to fill it out.

We rolled up 2.5 grams which for an average smoke session might be a lot.

You could cut it a little to fit your needs but I was not thinking about it at the time.

If you prefer large blunts, I think you would love these banana rolling leafs.

natives banana rolling leaf

Banana Rolling Leaf Taste & Burn Rate

One of the big marketing statements from Natives is the clean taste, slow burn, and smooth pull.

While the health facts are undeniable, the smoking experience might be the one area that long-time blunt smokers will be skeptical.

The typical arguments for smoking a blunt are the taste, the fact a blunt seems to burn longer, and the social aspect as well.

Passing the blunt around amongst friends is a favorite pastime of many stoners.

natives banana rolling leaf

By far, the one thing that surprised us was the taste.

Their million bananas rolling leaf gave that thick, smooth pull that you expect from a blunt but without much taste beyond the bud itself.

For me, this was a welcoming surprise. A major reason why I mostly smoke joints was the fact I could taste more of my bud and not the paper.

The Natives Banana Rolling Leaf gave this same type of effect.

Others in the session who don’t typically like blunts enjoyed these as well.

It seemed from a taste standpoint, Natives Banana Rolling Leaf was getting everyone’s approval.

Though the leaf felt thick when rolling, you didn’t get the sense when smoking that you were burning thick paper or leaf.

The taste and smell were more of a compliment to the aroma of the bud rather than taking over the room like tobacco-based leafs.

The burn rate for our Natives Banana Rolling Leaf was pretty much on par with what we expect from a blunt or cigar wrap.

Anyone who understands how blunts or joints burn will know that many times it isn’t all about the paper itself.

The way you break up your bud and the amount of bud you roll up can have an effect on the actual burn rate.

For this review, we used a grinder on our bud and rolled about 2.5 grams up in the leaf.

We also included a glass tip on the end to maximize the flavor.

(TIP: Learn how to make a joint filter)

natives banana rolling leaf

If you want to give Natives Banana Rolling Leaf a try, shoot over to their website and grab a pack.